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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet

About Bear Lake

116 square miles of beautiful blue water, Bear Lake is lake ideal for boating, water skiing, swimming, sailing and some great fishing. There are numerous campgrounds adjacent to the lake including Rendezvous Beach, Bear Lake Marina, and East Beach.

Bear Lake rests on the Utah/Idaho border, North-East of Cache Valley. It is approximately 145 miles Northeast of Salt Lake City. The State Park Marina is located on Highway 89 just North of Garden City.

The park hosts many annual events such as a Mountain Man Rendezvous and Bear Lake Raspberry Days.

Bear Lake is often called the Caribbean of the Rockies for its intense turquoise-blue water. As visitors catch their first glimpse of the lake, they marvel at its color and wonder what makes the lake so blue. The unique color is due to the reflection of the limestone deposits suspended in the lake.

The state park offers a developed marina with paved boat ramps and boat slips. In addition, there are boat ramps at several other places around the lake.

Each season lends its own characteristic to the lake. Year-round, visitors enjoy a number of recreational and cultural activities. Experience the rush of snowmobiling in the nearby mountains. Ski nearby at family-owned Beaver Mountain resort. Navigate your personal watercraft across the turquoise water. Feel the rod-bending excitement of a Bear Lake cutthroat on the end of your fishing line. Sail off into the sunset. Explore America's past and discover the stories about mountain men, fur trappers and Mormon pioneers.

The Bear Lake Valley is a great location for a family or business retreat. Hold your meetings in an surreal setting. Leave the crowds, congestion, and traffic behind to create outdoor memories for your family reunion or vacation while enjoying clean air and a safe environment. Take some time during your own favorite season and enjoy yourself at Bear Lake!