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Bear Lake Map

Hello my Fellow Bear Lake Fisherman
Darin Pugmire - 09/29/19

I wanted to reach out and say hello to any that visit this site from time to time. I haven’t updated in over a year since I lost my store and business from a semi truck driver out of control. I haven’t been in the loop but I still get calls all the time about things pertaining to the lake. Please feel free to post your own and help share more details and pictures and I will continue to post them for you all.

The lake temps are getting where they need to be for the annual lake trout spawn. Plan on seeing those small ‘jacks’ coming into the shallows to try to find a female mate. They are like teenagers with the drive but they don’t have it all together yet and being young they end up being a fun fish to target.

This happens around this time of the year. First of October is the time to start hitting it. The larger lake trout are starting to have eyes for the other sex so the larger males will be coming in now as well. Search for daylight and dusk. Search for evening fishing but I still say I would leave the fish alone at night and let them populate. If you don’t then you will continually see the numbers be decimated.

Those on boats and pontoons I still recommend that you stay in shallow - around 8’ - 30’ and make sure you bait is being trolled behind your vessel by a minimum of 150yrds! Not feet Yards!

Color patterns would be white, tan, brown, purple, and of course make sure you have some color like orange, red, pink or something as a dot on your lure. Think outside the box and make your lure different and when that happens you will find success.

This that are vertical jigging I would use the same colors but make sure you get on the bottom. If you are fishing like this you need to be out in the 30’ - 60’ mark. Catching those that are not spawning yet but are interested still.

My fly fishing buds you need to also think outside the box. Several patterns will work and also several sizes. From 1-1/2” - 6” you will find success. Bunny tails, tube jigs, maribou jigs, and egg sucking leach patterns are your ticket.

- Cisco Beach
- State Marina
- North Beach Jetty
- 1st & 2nd Point
- Rock Pile
- Swan Creek Inlet

Good luck guys and gals and post your own reports and I will upload them to the site.

Thanks for everything you have done for me. Continue the fishing legacy on Bear Lake and preserve what you have because you don’t really know what you have until it is gone!

July 16th,2019
Garrett Henderson - 07/16/19

Caught five Carp in one night using a size 8 hook with a split shot right above the knot with white bread packed onto the hook and fishing from shore

Fishing Derby Results November 2-10, 2018
Darin - 11/13/18

Thanks again for all of those that entered this non-profit derby. It was another great success with some wonderful fish being caught. Thank you to all of you that helped get the word out as well. The results are as follows:

- Laketrout Catch & Release Results:
- 1st Place: Tom Olsen w/ his 35-1/2" lake trout! His winnings = $357
- 2nd Place: Jason Christiansen w/ his 35" lake trout! His winnings = $178.50
- 3rd Place: Colton Glauser w/ his 34-3/4" lake trout! His winnings = $59.50

- Cutthroat Catch & Release Results:
- 1st Place: David Longfellow w/ his 29-1/2" cutthroat! His winnings = 2 Night stay at the new Legacy Beach Condos sponsored by Lakeview Cabins!
- 2nd Place: Paul Glauser w/ his 28" cutthroat! His winnings = 55 Liter Calcutta cooler sponsored by Pugstones Sporting!
- 3rd Place: Colton Glauser w/ his 25" cutthroat! His winnings = 2 nights at Bear Lake State Park w/ Full Hook Ups & a Full Season State Park Pass sponsored by Bear Lake State Parks

All I can say is well done you guys! Colton Glauser takes home both 2 prices in both categories and so kudos goes out to you Colton for showing up all of those older fisherman that entered the derby! :)

As for the fishing on Bear Lake it is producing some wonderful sized fish, as I have mentioned above! This trend should continue especially with the moon only being a crescent. The best fishing for the lake trout have come from those that have been jigging. Those that have been trolling for these fish it hasn't been as productive. As for cutthroat trout those trolling have done better in regards to numbers but not necessarily size. This time of year it seems that if you want big fish you need to use more techniques to be more successful. I am not saying that is only done by those jigging, it is also by those who are trolling.

If you are jigging and the moon is full then your chances are going to go down. The same if you are trolling. But you can make some changes that will help you find more success. That comes with trial and error. Sometimes it is just dead sticking your tubes on or near the bottom as well as suspended. You need to go to those fish that are being lazy and sleeping from feeding throughout the night...but you when you do this you have to be careful not to scare them so drop your tubes down s.l.o.w.l.y. Tip your tubes with some Cisco Scent and then of course either a cisco, sucker, or worm to have best results. If it is a crescent moon like it is now you don't have to be as careful but sometimes that simple technique will work when all other methods are not. So, just try this and see if that is some new news that can help you in your success.

As for trolling it is imperative that you break things up a little. From slowing down and speeding up to changing your lures so that they have a more aggressive action at slower speeds, and then some faster whipping action at variable speeds. This can be done by choosing the correct lure. For example if you use a FLAT FISH you will be able to get a lure that has some great action at slower speeds. If you use a YOZURI lure then you will find these lures to like faster speeds but with some simple tweaking of the lure you can have the action change with your speed technique. I start by taking off the front treble hooks. This gives is a better fast action from behind. It also helps me release all of my fish without having one of those extra hooks ending up in the gill of the fish which there is no recovery for the fish survival when this happens. If you use a deep diver lure in brand or model you will find that it gives off a different action as well and acts more like a wounded bait fish. This is something that you should take into action the next time you come to Bear Lake. Small and simple things can make a big change up but it takes take practice and the willingness to make changes. Make up some change of your own by adding a dropper weight underneath your jig or behind it and watch how the actions changes. Do this and document it so if it works you have a record of it and will remember your change pattern. Sometimes documentation is the key to a great fisherman!

Well that is all of the information that I have for today. I will say that the road on the east side, that is now complete, is AWESOME! What a wonderful road. If you like launching from there I would greatly suggest you continue to do so. With that being said, be careful with the wind and the waves because it is hard to get your boat back on a trailer when you are dealing with a 2-4' whitecaps. My recommendations is always be proactive and always look to your surroundings and locate those whitecaps before they get to you and then GET OFF! If the fishing is worth more than your $10k or $110k dollar boat then more power to you, but if that boat is more important and don't wait around...just get off!

The ramps on the other side are all in great condition. The docks are also a wonderful thing but I still only recommend 2 areas on the east side to launch from: 1st Point & Rainbow Cove

The depths of the fish will vary. Most of the lake trout have finished up spawning but some are still spawning. Look for depths from 30-60' and then over the next week or two start looking out to those depths of 80'.

Locations that I love to fish this time of year are:
- Rock Pile
- 2nd Point
- West Side (Spinnaker Point & South towards Rest Area)
- South Eden and Aquatics Camp
- Cisco Beach, Rainbow Cove, North Eden and Ledges

Best of luck to everyone. By business store front is no longer there. I am hoping to start building as soon as insurance companies can pick up there slow trolling techniques and make them a faster pass! I will keep everyone update to this as well.

Make sure you follow our social media pages using Facebook and Instagram for more details also.

I do have those custom tube jigs and jig heads as well as other lures. If you are interested you just need to contact me and I can set up a time to meet you or I will just mail them to you. The ball is in your court, just let me know and I will do my part to make sure you have the best success while fishing Bear Lake!

DARIN - 10/24/18

Well it has been a wild ride this past week. Just a quick update for those that do not already know. Our building was hit by a semi truck and it caused enough damage that I had to bring her to the ground...18 year building it up from a small little fly and lake fishing shop (Picture shows it) to something that had a lot more. I have spent countless hours trying to bring it to where it was but it is time to start back over again. I will keep everyone updated when that will happen but in the mean time the only business I have is out of my house and it is mostly just the little bit fishing tackle that wasn't destroyed. Please reach out and I will do what I can to make your days on the lake better.

The lake trout have been in spawning for the past couple of weeks. The best places for shore fisherman and boat fisherman alike have been State Marina, North Beach Pier, Cisco Beach, Spinnaker Point, and 2nd Point. The Rock Pile has been OK for those from a boat as well but nothing over the top. It hasn't been an easy lake trout fishing time of year to catch these big and little guys but it does take some changes to make it more productive.

From shore I would be throwing some Blue Fox spinners in a size 5 in silver/blue, silver/green, silver/chartreuse and silver/orange. Also I would use some nice 4" fly's in colors of white/red, white/brown, and purple/red. I try to make sure I have something with some red on it no matter what I use when it comes to flies. Articulating and double fly patterns have been the best choice. I love the bunny tail myself. You can also use some glow in the dark tube jigs on your fly rod or spin cast. I like the smaller 1-2" sizes doing this. From the boat I still like the sizes from 2"-6". Colors are glow, white/black, white/red, and white/chartreuse. For trolling I would move back to the Flatfish patterns from 3"-6" as well. Colors are similar to the others I have posted. What I find is the neatest of fishing this time of year is when you hook one in the side of the cheek because he wasn't after eating it but pushing it away from her "red". Watch for this and it is wise to leave on all treble hooks during this time of year, so you have a better chance of it hooking them.

It is great that the east side road project is all but over. It has been a long haul and I am so sick and tired of it! Patience isn't my virtue...can't you tell ;) Anyway, it will be nice having it and making our roads better and it makes it now so we can all get to the east side and launch from there if we desire. All boat ramps are up and running but as always, I wouldn't launch off of Cisco Beach...but to each there own!

The spawn should continue for the next couple of weeks. Don't get lost out in deep waters. You need to work on depths of 8'-30' and just go in circles. It also helps to go into those areas and cast into the shallows while you are slowing dead drifting. This has been something that has always paid off for me.

I would make sure that you are fishing early, midday and later. They are always coming and going so don't give up just move around once you disturb them and go to another spot and then go back to those spots after a 30min/1hour retreat.

Remember that the deer hunt is over in both Utah and Idaho before our FISHING DERBY kicks off. I am still going to go through with the derby and make it work out for everyone so invite a friend and invite as many as you can so that whomever catches that longest lake trout and cutthroat trout have something to take home to brag about...more $$$

Please call in and let me know if you are going to be entering the game. Because of not have the technology that I have had we will be using VENMO to make payments to enter the derby. My account is @pugstonessporting so it is easy to find. When you make those payments make sure you text my mobile and let me know the names of who they are in and which parts of the derby you are entering. Remember the cost is only $35 for the lake trout and $25, if you entered the lake trout, for the cutthroat. More info I will provide if you need it. My number is 435-255-7200 ext 2 and if you are texting please do so to 435-757-9430. As always my email is

Lets make this the best derby ever!

Mackinaw Mania (:---)->
Darin - 09/25/18

Even though the temperature of the water is still warm it hasn't held off those lake trout nor those cutthroats from wanting to start the annual FALL FEEDING FRENZY.

With the weather starting to get cooler during the night hours we are starting to see our water temperatures change. We are still seeing our water temps show up at 62-65 degrees on the top water. The thermocline is still across the board. The lake is about to make its semiannual rotation and it looks like we are only about a week or so away from that happening. You will know when this happens because you will start to see the weeds that were on the bottom come to the surface. This is an aggravating time to troll because your cable grabs all that top water, mid-line, and everything in between weeds and hold onto it. When this happens, I try to make sure that my line is far enough behind the ball that it will not interfere with the weeds. Typically, it won't bother your lure, however it will when your lure and line are what grab the weeds. It is best to make sure that you check your lures every 10 minutes because we all now there is no sense in trolling something that is holding up your lure from attracting the trout.

The locations for catching the trout seems to have moved a little from what we typically see during this time of year. I haven't had that great of reports off of the Rock Pile area yet but I believe a lot of that is because of what people are really reporting and if they even know where the Rock Pile is located. Gus Rich Point and Spinnaker Point are not the same as the Rock Pile. They are in close together, but they are not the same. When I speak of the Rock Pile that is located between Ideal Beach Condos and the Gus Rich Point location. Gus Rich Point is located off the will see the PRIVATE marina and all those RED ROOFED homes. That is the area I am speaking of. SPINNAKER POINT is located SOUTH AND EAST of GUS RICH POINT. That is where EPIC RV PARK is located. If you need more info go to the link at this top of this page...BEAR LAKE MAP.

The trout have finally come out of isolation and have shown up ready to be caught. The cold temps these last couple of days have helped that even more. The best fishing has been for those either trolling or jigging...a lot of times it depends on what you are used too and what you like to do. I would much rather catch a trout and feel the bite...that is why I jig...those that troll like the ability to cover area and multiple lines and lures down and that has also been a good way to go.

The color patterns for this time of year will be white, blue, grey, black, dark green, and orange/red for those who jig. Trolling colors are similar but look for those silver, gold, blue, greens, chartreuse, pink, white, and of course red.

The lake trout are not staging yet. When they are staging they do not strike. When they are spawning they strike out of aggression and so you must change up your lures to make that work better. Right now, concentrate on the trout out in the 80-85' depths as well as in closer around the 60-65' depths. Start out deep and move around if you are not marking any trout.

I had a gentleman come in the other day and explain to me that some of his best fishing came when he found a huge pod of trout all together. Typically, this doesn't happen, to me anyway. However, he was able to spot them and then stay trolling in a circle around them and did super well. Once again fish like you like to fish but don't hesitate to change things up. Usually when the fishing doesn't seem all that good...make some changes and step out of your comfort zone and you will often times see results.

Areas that have been best suited have been the Cisco Beach area, Deep off and around the Rock Pile and Gus Rich Point area, South Eden, and North Eden, Indian Creek, and don't ever forget 2nd Point and the Aquatics Camp!

Good luck to everyone and please pass around the FISHING DERBY date and times to your friends and colleagues. The date is November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. As always, the price is $35 for each contestant for the lake trout and if you have entered the lake trout then you can also enter the cutthroat as well. That cost is $25 per person. I will send out the updated flyer about this derby but until then lets get everyone involved and let's make this one of the best derbies to date!

Until we chat again...

Darin - 08/10/18

Well it has been almost a month since I posted my last report. I haven't made many changes because for the most part the fishing during the summer months doesn't seem to attract those that fish this lake the most. I do have to admit though that this July had to have been one of the best fishing, for the month of July, that I have ever seen. I posted that it was tough fishing, however a week later that report should have been changed, but I didn't because I didn't want to give false hope...unfortunately the fishing didn't really slow down and the fish were more attracted than usual to our fishing techniques.

The best fishing usually starts around the 3rd week of August. I am hoping that will actually happen. I do hope that the fishing, being as good as it was last month, doesn't throw the fish off course and that they will get back into the swing of things. I will keep this posted over the next couple of weeks and update accordingly.

The best fishing out on a boat has been off of the East Side. Rainbow Cove, and North Eden have been a great friend along with going further north off of the LEDGES and down to the Indian Creek area. The Scout Camp and 2nd Point have also been a good pick and the fishing in those areas have been on the top of the list as well. Cisco Beach hasn't been a good spot but further to the south and before the incline to South Eden that has been favorable also. Now, near the Rock Pile has showed up some nice fish. The edge of the pile is now around the 68'-70' mark. This is where you usually start finding the fish. This happens until around 9-10am and they move out to deeper waters. Gus Rich and Spinnaker Point have also been a good spot so while you are fishing in the area of the Pile, and after the 10am mark I would move towards those Points and try depths around 70-80'.

The Marina and north towards Swan and Fish Haven creek have been ok but that is it. Too much boat activity so I would bypass this for another week and then start looking for the fish out in front of Swan Creek and Fish Haven Creek as well. Trout do not like the warm waters so if you mix in those cooler inlet waters they will always be a prominent spot for a trout to start to hang around.

The lures that have been working have been the big jointed FlatFish. These can only be trolled at 2mph but they give off the action that is needed. They are in colors of Glow and spotted blue as well. The smaller jointed FlatFish have also been producing great numbers and these can be trolled up to 3mph. Stop in so I can help you with the lure selection and I can give you more understanding of stackers. They can be very beneficial going into this time of year to place more fish in your boat!

Thanks again for all of your input and fishing reports that I have been fed. This will help all of us to get that much more out of this lake and improve the fishing going forward. I will update you all about the changes that we are wanting to have implemented with the help of SFW and Trout Unlimited. These changes will not be quick but they will be efficient and much needed to help our beautiful lake!

Keep your line wet, trash in boat, pole in action, and of course SAFETY FIRST ;}

PS - This picture was what our shop looked like from 2003 until 2014. Thanks for helping us being able to open it up and making it a little larger so we can offer more of what you are needing!

Mid July Blues....
Darin - 07/14/18

Well I have had several fisherman come in and ask why they are unable to catch fish over the past little while. Granted, some of these fisherman are first timers to this lake and that is problematic in and of itself. We all know that this lake isn't an easy fishery...especially in the summer months of July through mid August. The reason being is because of the water temperatures of which keeps a majority of our bait fish in deeper waters.

While fishing Bear Lake it is imperative that you do 2 different methods of fishing. First of all don't overlook jigging this time of year. The depths to do this would be in 60-90' of water. I recommend doing this from 6AM until around 10/11AM depending on the weather and other boating activity. I have usually used this technique in either Rainbow Cover and also off of and in between 1st and 2nd Points, and off of Gus Rich Point and Spinnaker Point as well. Granted there are several other areas that this could be useful but these are the areas that I personally have had success in.

Next is when we start to troll. Once again it is important that you try to have 4 levels covered while doing so. I have brought this up in previous reports but I will mention this again.
- Top Water: Always try to fish in the top 10' of the water column...and don't forget to go back behind the boat 300 feet for best success.
- Thermocline: This is in and around the 35/40' column. Also don't forget to go back behind the boat 300 feet.
- Current Line: This is also the area that is in and around the 60' column. When you are below the 40' column I only go back behind my ball 80' but I have several other anglers that only go back 20' and some even closer so that is entirely up to you.
- Bottom Line: I usually am suspended up about 5-7' from the bottom in hopes of attracting those lunker lake trout to come up for a quick gulp of my lure however, sometimes that doesn't even work. When that happens I make sure to go the next route and that is to drag my ball onto the sand and then suspend my lure above the ball about 5' depending on my lure and if it dives or not.

The areas for trolling are also depending on the hour of the day. I usually am in depths of 60-90' mid morning to mid day and then I pump out to 90'-120' mid afternoon into around 7PM. At that time I go in a little shallower but I still like to fish in depths of 60-80' during this time of the day.

Locations of trolling vary but these are places I would consider. North Eden and then continue south to South Eden. (These are those 2 big canyons on the east side of the lake). I also love the aquatics camp and south to the Pump House as well. I try to stay away from other ski boats during these times and that is still fairly easy to do...especially when you are out in the 100'-120' mark because most of the time that places you in the middle of the lake.

I do have some new designed tube jigs. They have been working perfectly. I would highly recommend those during those early and even later hours of the day...later hours if you have an Ipilot set up.

Lures we have a variety that have been really good. I would suggest several lures when going out until you find that lure of the day...that is what fishing is all about.

Stop in and come and ask for me and I will try to help you out in having Bear Lake be a successful fishery for you and your family and friends while at Bear Lake.

Good luck to you all and please keep me updated on how you are doing on the water. We are about 5-6 weeks away from seeing the fishery start to pick up again however even before then I will guarantee you that several fish can still be caught if you use at least some of this information that I have stated in this report!

FISH ON >--}

Mid June Report
Darin - 06/14/18

Well it has been a great last couple of weeks. The suckers spawning and the last of the cutthroat spawning turned things into a true feast for both cutthroat and lake trout.

The depths have changed a little since my last report but either way we are seeing the fish in several depths.

1 - Look for fish to still be in shallow, however this will only be the case over the next week. This depth is 20-30'
2 - We have seen several groups of trout starting to mark up in the 40-60'
3 - 70-90' is the next depth where the trout are starting to concentrate in. When fishing in this depth make sure that you also have some other lures suspended in the water column of 50-60', 30-40', and top water as well 5-15'.

These simple changes will help you have some consistency with catching more trout.

Also don't forget to get out early and jig...we have some new tube jigs as well as some of our other tubes that you will want to be using. These tubes will be best used from 7am-10am and throughout the day if you have the ability to site fish on the bottom and ten drop down onto the trout that you are trying to catch.

The colors that are of best will be silver, silver/blue, silver/green, cisco, gold/black.
Once you are below the 70' column use something with some contrast and go dark with the colors!

Areas are the same as they have been. Don't forget Rainbow Cove, Cisco Beach/North of South Eden, North Eden/North to Ledges(Idaho East State Park), Aquatics Camp/South to Pump House, Spinnaker Point/South to Rest Area(Meadowville Road)

Best times:

Once June 23rd roles around then we will slowly start losing light. This will change up those times but only intermittently. Sunrise and Sunset are an always when fishing :)

Best of luck and don't forget to make sure you have cisco scent and if you want we now ship to your location so don't forget to check out our items that we have on our online store.

June 13th,2018
Paul S. - 06/13/18

Slow day on the Bear, got out kind of late and my grand son caught just this one cutt 18" nice and healthy, on a rainbow rapala, lead line 2 colors, just south of scout camp. Saw lots of fish but the down riggers didn't do it.

June 11th,2018
Derrick Gallegos June, 9- June 11 - 06/11/18

No pictures to add to this post but here's an update on fishing. Cutthroats have begun to hit again. It had been slow since the derby but they are in shallow feeding on the spawning suckers.... as well as the MACS. Between 2 mornings and 2 evenings I put 16 in the boat. Biggest was a 7 Lb Cut. Several pup macs to add to that. I didn't catch anything deeper than 35 feet.. Even had some hit on the surface. Lure of choice was a silver Apex with a little cisco sent. 2.5-3 mph. I also had some luck using a size 20 flat fish (Black). Stop in and see Darin at Pugstones Sporting Goods.. He has a good variety of Apex lures.