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Temp at Lake Edge: 17.0 °F     Current Wind: SE at 3.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 34.5 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 10.7 °F
Water Level: 5919 feet   Lake Capacity in: 4 feet

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Bear Lake Map

Bear Lake BLUE
Darin - 02/09/18

Well the cisco run was a bust this year for most shore anglers. It is weird to see it like that however look at this weather pattern, look at this so called winter, and look at the storms that are hitting our east coast and totally missing us...granted that is no excuse why our cisco decided to not show up in any numbers at all of of Cisco Beach but either way we will always shoot for a better success next year...both cisco run as well as winter!

The boat launches are available anywhere. The only downfall to that is the trout bite has slowed down significantly. That is what always happens after the cisco rage but the positive would be they will get hungry by nest week.

The Bear Lake whitefish are getting ready to start to make their annual spawn so that will increase the trout fishing along with our other Bonneville whitefish in eating the eggs of our smaller genus the Bear Lake whitefish.

I just got in some spectacular tubes in for those that love to vertical jig. Stop by so I can show you some amazing tubes that will not only be great for our area but several others as well. Our online store is almost up and running so when that does go live I will link that to this as well so you can place your orders and we will mail them out to you.

Best of luck and please take the time to send me your updates so we can keep everyone in the loop and so everyone can enjoy this beautiful BLUE Bear Lake!

NEW Cisco Update
Darin - 02/01/18

Well nothing has changed over the past couple of days. We are not seeing any cisco off of Cisco Beach but we did manage to see a couple off of 1st Point. I think that was just a fluke. Either way it may just not happen this year and those cisco may just be spawning in new areas or out in deeper waters...I can't predict what is going on but I can predict that the Cisco run will still be going on throughout the weekend but it is best by using a boat to vertical jig them.

Best of luck and I will keep you all updated!

Cisco Spawning Beds
Darin - 01/29/18

OK - The cisco still haven't shown a presence on the Cisco Beach / EAST side of the lake as of yet. We couldn't find them off of the points either. With that being said it could work out for a benefit for those of you that cannot come up until the weekend, because perhaps they will be in on the Cisco Beach area throughout before then and into the weekend as well.

I go back to what I have seen over the past 30 years of me remembering what the timing was for the little fish to come into spawn. Typically I would start to see them show up on the Rock Pile and when they started to hit a peak point that was when we would first see them show up off of the State Marina. They would be then show up at the Marina for about 3 days and then they would disappear and then show up off of Cisco Beach. It is somewhat cyclic in the nature of it but it seems to be following that trend again this year. We are starting to see the cisco showing up along the west side of the lake from Spinnaker Point to the Rest Area out off of the wed beds, out off of the Pump House and the Points but not onto the shoreline in those areas. This isn't anything new, they have always done this as well.

The only downfall of having our water level as high, and even higher than we have ever seen, is we have so much structure that the areas for spawning are endless. However, like even human beings, the fish get stuck in a rhythm or a routine and they will continue to go back to the same place to spawn as they have done for years on end. Don't get to down on the idea that they are not in off of the Cisco Beach area right now because I have only heard of one time back in the mid 70's when they didn't end up along the Cisco Beach area however, they where found off of the Scout Camp and the Points that year.

Visit our social media updates as well. They are located as a link at the top of this our webpage. Also look forward to the new and up and coming online shopping page that is almost ready to go live!

Bryce Nielson - 01/29/18

Bear Lake is always full of surprises. Just when you think you have figured it out, it changes. Folks that have lived here for over 30 years have always expected the lake to freeze four out of five years. In those days, we suffered through winds and temperatures down to -20F all winter long. In the past few years, things have changed. The frequency of the Lake freezing has declined, obviously because of weather and lake elevation fluctuations. Visualize Bear Lake as container of water in a freezer. At a constant temperature, the container with less water will freeze quicker. As the temperature of the freezer climbs, the slower the water freezes.

There are two types of water that comes into the Lake. The consistent flow from tributaries and springs that come in at an average of 45F. When the Bear River is diverted into the Lake through Mud Lake the temperature of the inflow water is considerably higher. This water comes in and floats on the cold water in the Lake. Add the increased heating from the warm summers and in the end, it all mixes together to make the entire Lake warmer. For the Lake to freeze, the outside air temperature needs be cold for a long period of time. The weather has been moderate in December and January, and we will have more cold temperatures in the future but not enough to freeze the Lake. We have also not seen the valley full of fog which precedes freezing.

PacifiCorp is keeping the elevation of the Lake higher than normal for future changes in operation.

In fact, I don’t recall the Lake being this high in January in the past 40+ years. This along with the warmer water temperatures have impacted the spawning time for cisco. Presently there is twice the normal spawning area due to lake elevations. Spawning fish are not limited to Cisco Beach but can also use other rocky substrates (marinas and shorelines). Fishermen have been successful jigging them off the Rockpile albeit later than normal. Fishermen did start netting cisco off the State Marina Sunday morning. There is no reason to worry about the cisco population being low. DWR monitors the population every summer and there are still millions of them. The Bonneville cisco are spawning but you just can’t see them.

Darin - 01/25/18

If you go to our social media pages we keep those more up to date. However in the mean time just realize that the Cisco are NOT in to the shoreline yet. I can't say when they will but I will assume we will see some by Saturday but they will not peak until middle of next week. Hopefully that helps you all out and sorry that I didn't get your post AMBER until just about an hour ago.

January 25th,2018
Amber Clark - 01/25/18

Good Morning!!
Can you give me a cisco update please. I know there are a bunch of us getting antsy to do some netting.

January 21st,2018
Gene Atkins - 01/21/18

I saw no Cisco activity along the Cisco Beach area from the south entrance to the main entrance from the 17th morning thru the 19th late afternoon. The waves on Friday the 19th were big enough one could have surfed. ;o)
I used several Kastmasters & with other lures too.I had no strikes but one mediocre size Laker followed my green & stainless Kastmaster up to the boat dock on the south end of Cisco Beach.
That's why its called fishing...not catching.

Darin - 01/17/18

We are still not seeing nor catching many cisco at all. If you are wanting to catch a limit from your boat the earliest will be Saturday and that may be too early as well. I will update as I see more action!

Also we are not seeing any changed to the lake but the temps are starting to get cooler at night so regardless when you do come to Bear Lake this time of year to fish with your boat I recommend bring a bucket of sand or snow melt just in case!

Cisco Update
Darin - 01/15/18

Well we did not get a good report back from anglers fishing from boats this weekend who where after Cisco. We should start to see the odds pick up and anglers start to catch Cisco in more numbers around the middle of this week. We will for sure be catching them from boat by Saturday. As for anglers from the shoreline we will not even come close to seeing them until the middle of next week. I hope that changes and I will keep you updated as we start seeing the changes take place.

Cisco nets are arriving Tuesday so come Wednesday stop in or call in to purchase yours. We wil only have 18 of the 12 foot and 6 of the 8 foot. If you want you can reserve them just give us a call and we willl make it happen.

Keep me updated so I can update the rest of the followers.

While jogging up some Cisco and some whitefish you also have the chance of catching one of these endemic sculpin as well! Love these crazy looking bullheads...the blue eyes are what sets them apart the most!

Fish On!

Darin - 01/04/18

Well guys and gals I am sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with the fishing reports. I am in the buying mode now and sometimes I get backlogged and I don't priorities. With that being said here is your fishing report!

I have posted a couple of things on social media but mostly small amounts. The one questions I asked was when did the cisco used to show up? Well from as far back as I could remember until around 2006 the cisco used to come into the shallow waters to spawn around January 15th. Since around 2007-2010 area the tide has shifted and so our cisco now so not show up until around the January 24th into the shorelines for all of us to start dipping for those little creatures that we either eat, give away, or use for bait. It is so much fun fishing for these small fish but it does take some time and some help from mother nature to make it a good year for the shoreline fisherman/women. We are all eagerly waiting for this big run and for good reason.

My deluxe cisco nets have just shipped today so I will have them for next week which is perfect timing. I will only have a small amount this year unlike previous years so if you are after them please stop in and pick them up before they are gone. I was only able to bring in 20 of the 12' and 8 of the 8' extendable custom built nets. My manufacturer had some issue with the aluminum hexagon handles not arriving so we will all have to improvise this year! Your handles won't damage but sometime your will ruining your nets but won't worry because I have brought in some nets as replacements if you happen to need them.

OK - the annual Cisco Disco will be coming in on January 27th with some fun things going on during that time. The Polar Plunge and "Largest Cisco" along with a variety of other activities you can enjoy. Go to to find more information about this event and of course always follow us on social media as we will keep those up to date as well.

The cisco will start coming into the deeper areas of the lake where they can be caught by boat while vertically jigging. This should happen around January 12-15th off of areas such as the Rock Pile, Pump House, and Cisco Beach. The depths will be around 40-50' off of Rock Pile and 18-32'off of Pump House. Cisco Beach area should start showing up around 20-50' of water. Best technique is to use a nice Kastmaster in sizes ranging from 1/2oz-2oz in colors of silver, gold, copper, blue, green and a mixture of those as well. Feel for those little fish pumping into your line and that is how you will be able to snag them. Even thought these are listed as a game fish you are still able to keep them if they are snagged, or foul hooked. Limit is 30 per day but you can catch and keep more just make sure you don't take home more than 30 per day per fisherman/women.

OK...when these little critters start coming into spawn the fishing gets HOT! After they peak it will slow down drastically because of the over abundance of cisco that you are trying to compete with. With that being said if you are after the best fishing times it will start this weekend and go through about January 23rd. After that time, it will start to slow down depending on when they cisco startto peak. I am going on statistics and so that is where I am coming up with these dates...don't hate me if I mess this up for 2018 season ;)

When you are fishing for the trout I would move to vertical jig for best success. Use tube jigs tipped with cisco or sucker meat or night-crawlers. Sizes from 4"-7" with a variety of colors. Kastmasters will also be a great way of going as well. It is also not uncommon to start catching your Bonneville whitefish that are following them in feeding on the cisco eggs as well as the cisco themselves. With that uses smaller sized tube jig or lure around 2"-4" max.

Thanks again to all of you devoted fisherman that come up to Bear Lake and are doing what needs to be done to help to improve this fishery. Please remember that all cutthroat trout with all fins intact must be immediately released back to the lake. If you catch one and it ends up in the gills and it is going to bleed out please don't let it stay on the top water but help it go to the bottom by popping the bladder so it can do so. It is much better for them to become trout and crawfish good than it is seagulls, hawks and eagles. They can do that on their own.

If you have any further questions please just let me know and I will help you out. I am available each day besides Sundays and if it is after 6pm I won't usually get back to you until the next day.

Happy New Years everyone and lets..."Lets go fishing"


Whoever mentions this post and purchases a new Cisco net, you will receive a new Bonneville Cisco scent that will be coming in around March...update me when you come in to buy and I will put you on the list for a free super scent!