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Temp at Lake Edge: 83.5 °F     Current Wind: SSW at 12.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 68.9 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 82.4 °F
Water Level: 5919 feet   Lake Capacity in: 4 feet
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Bear Lake Map

Mid July Blues....
Darin - 07/14/18

Well I have had several fisherman come in and ask why they are unable to catch fish over the past little while. Granted, some of these fisherman are first timers to this lake and that is problematic in and of itself. We all know that this lake isn't an easy fishery...especially in the summer months of July through mid August. The reason being is because of the water temperatures of which keeps a majority of our bait fish in deeper waters.

While fishing Bear Lake it is imperative that you do 2 different methods of fishing. First of all don't overlook jigging this time of year. The depths to do this would be in 60-90' of water. I recommend doing this from 6AM until around 10/11AM depending on the weather and other boating activity. I have usually used this technique in either Rainbow Cover and also off of and in between 1st and 2nd Points, and off of Gus Rich Point and Spinnaker Point as well. Granted there are several other areas that this could be useful but these are the areas that I personally have had success in.

Next is when we start to troll. Once again it is important that you try to have 4 levels covered while doing so. I have brought this up in previous reports but I will mention this again.
- Top Water: Always try to fish in the top 10' of the water column...and don't forget to go back behind the boat 300 feet for best success.
- Thermocline: This is in and around the 35/40' column. Also don't forget to go back behind the boat 300 feet.
- Current Line: This is also the area that is in and around the 60' column. When you are below the 40' column I only go back behind my ball 80' but I have several other anglers that only go back 20' and some even closer so that is entirely up to you.
- Bottom Line: I usually am suspended up about 5-7' from the bottom in hopes of attracting those lunker lake trout to come up for a quick gulp of my lure however, sometimes that doesn't even work. When that happens I make sure to go the next route and that is to drag my ball onto the sand and then suspend my lure above the ball about 5' depending on my lure and if it dives or not.

The areas for trolling are also depending on the hour of the day. I usually am in depths of 60-90' mid morning to mid day and then I pump out to 90'-120' mid afternoon into around 7PM. At that time I go in a little shallower but I still like to fish in depths of 60-80' during this time of the day.

Locations of trolling vary but these are places I would consider. North Eden and then continue south to South Eden. (These are those 2 big canyons on the east side of the lake). I also love the aquatics camp and south to the Pump House as well. I try to stay away from other ski boats during these times and that is still fairly easy to do...especially when you are out in the 100'-120' mark because most of the time that places you in the middle of the lake.

I do have some new designed tube jigs. They have been working perfectly. I would highly recommend those during those early and even later hours of the day...later hours if you have an Ipilot set up.

Lures we have a variety that have been really good. I would suggest several lures when going out until you find that lure of the day...that is what fishing is all about.

Stop in and come and ask for me and I will try to help you out in having Bear Lake be a successful fishery for you and your family and friends while at Bear Lake.

Good luck to you all and please keep me updated on how you are doing on the water. We are about 5-6 weeks away from seeing the fishery start to pick up again however even before then I will guarantee you that several fish can still be caught if you use at least some of this information that I have stated in this report!

FISH ON >--}

Mid June Report
Darin - 06/14/18

Well it has been a great last couple of weeks. The suckers spawning and the last of the cutthroat spawning turned things into a true feast for both cutthroat and lake trout.

The depths have changed a little since my last report but either way we are seeing the fish in several depths.

1 - Look for fish to still be in shallow, however this will only be the case over the next week. This depth is 20-30'
2 - We have seen several groups of trout starting to mark up in the 40-60'
3 - 70-90' is the next depth where the trout are starting to concentrate in. When fishing in this depth make sure that you also have some other lures suspended in the water column of 50-60', 30-40', and top water as well 5-15'.

These simple changes will help you have some consistency with catching more trout.

Also don't forget to get out early and jig...we have some new tube jigs as well as some of our other tubes that you will want to be using. These tubes will be best used from 7am-10am and throughout the day if you have the ability to site fish on the bottom and ten drop down onto the trout that you are trying to catch.

The colors that are of best will be silver, silver/blue, silver/green, cisco, gold/black.
Once you are below the 70' column use something with some contrast and go dark with the colors!

Areas are the same as they have been. Don't forget Rainbow Cove, Cisco Beach/North of South Eden, North Eden/North to Ledges(Idaho East State Park), Aquatics Camp/South to Pump House, Spinnaker Point/South to Rest Area(Meadowville Road)

Best times:

Once June 23rd roles around then we will slowly start losing light. This will change up those times but only intermittently. Sunrise and Sunset are an always when fishing :)

Best of luck and don't forget to make sure you have cisco scent and if you want we now ship to your location so don't forget to check out our items that we have on our online store.

June 13th,2018
Paul S. - 06/13/18

Slow day on the Bear, got out kind of late and my grand son caught just this one cutt 18" nice and healthy, on a rainbow rapala, lead line 2 colors, just south of scout camp. Saw lots of fish but the down riggers didn't do it.

June 11th,2018
Derrick Gallegos June, 9- June 11 - 06/11/18

No pictures to add to this post but here's an update on fishing. Cutthroats have begun to hit again. It had been slow since the derby but they are in shallow feeding on the spawning suckers.... as well as the MACS. Between 2 mornings and 2 evenings I put 16 in the boat. Biggest was a 7 Lb Cut. Several pup macs to add to that. I didn't catch anything deeper than 35 feet.. Even had some hit on the surface. Lure of choice was a silver Apex with a little cisco sent. 2.5-3 mph. I also had some luck using a size 20 flat fish (Black). Stop in and see Darin at Pugstones Sporting Goods.. He has a good variety of Apex lures.

June 2nd,2018
Chris Laub - 06/02/18

Well we didn't catch any lunkers today but we each caught 1 Mack. This was Sean's first Mackinaw. Thanks to Darin for suggesting a spot.

Sucker Spawn
Darin - 05/28/18

Well another Memorial Day weekend has passed and so now the fish are getting ready to go to work by continuing their spawn, like the cutthroats, and our lake trout to come in to feed on all of those small cutthroats that the state planted as well as to feed on those suckers that are in spawning.

Fishing will continue to be really good, so don't let the time go by before you get up here to fish. We will continue to see aggressive action out of the trout until we start seeing our water temps jump up into the mid 60's. The chance to come up and enjoy the lake before it get overcrowded with those boating for recreation pulling tubes and skiing etc is about 2 weeks out so mark it on your calendar to get up here asap.

Locations to fish will be from the state marina north passed Swan Creek, (make sure you stay behind the buoys) and then continue down to Fish Have Creek as well. (Also make sure you stay 300 yards away from the inlet). If you go to the other side of the lake an launch off of 1st Point I would be fishing north passed 2nd Point and onto the Scout Camp. Next launch off of Rainbow Cove and fish from there south to South Eden. All of these areas will be good. The fishing down by the inlet of Mud Lake into Bear Lake would also be a spot to try. This can be done by fishing from shore or most preferably by pontoon. We could also help any of you anglers that want to fish off of a pontoon around Cisco Beach as well as the Points. We do rent these out and you can pick them up for $50 a day.

The pattern colors to use will still be your Gold/Black, Chartreuse/Silver/Blue/Pink, Rainbow, Silver/Green, Silver/Blue...these will continue to work throughout these next couple of weeks before we start going out into those deeper waters.

We now have our online store available so if you can't make it to use we will ship it to you for FREE! We are hear to try and make things work out for each of you!


Don't forget that jigging is still a go too. I would be jigging from 6am-9am and then start your trolling technique. Don't forget your Cisco Scent will improve your odds of fish caught, whether that is jigging or trolling you would want to place them on all lures used for this or any other body of water that you are fishing.

May 17th,2018
Ed Eubank - 05/17/18

This was the lure of choice that Darin Pugmire told me would be the one...sure enough it did just as he said. With the location, depth, and speed that we where told to run it proved to be exactly what this monster 32" lake trout was after. We ended up catching multiple trout but no cutthroat at all.

Until next time...

May 16th,2018
Wade Eubanks - 05/16/18

Darin Pugmire of Pugstone Sporting in Garden City UT set me up with a Mag Lip 5.0 green and orange lure and a bottle of Cisco Scent. I trolled at 2mph with the scented lure along the East shore of Bear Lake about 1 mile South of the Idaho border. Within 30 minutes I caught this 24 inch Lake Trout.

May 14th,2018
Cutthroat/ Lake Trout Derby - 05/14/18

I had a great time during the Bear Lake Cutthroat/ Lake Trout derby. I was able to land this 38" Mac. He gave me an awesome fight. After pictures he was released back in the lake for another day. The cuts were being awful stubborn as the spawn approaches. I also landed a 25, 15, 10, and a few 5 pound Macs during my time at the derby. Thanks Darin Pugmire for putting this on.

May 7th,2018
Rod Thompson - 05/07/18

Dang! Should have signed up for the fishing contest. Caught this Saturday along with a few smaller macks. fished just north of the Marina in fifty feet of water. Most were caught is 15 to 20 feet of water.