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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

Monster Lake Trout
Travis - 08/28/16

Fishing always gets hot as temperatures cool down in the fall, school goes back in session, the leaves change and the lake is quiet... I have said for years, especially in the years I guided on bear lake, there is no better time than Aug/Sept for big lake trout, Darin knows exactly how we fish and what we fished with and can line your group right out...he truly was the one who talked me into guiding some years ago and I owe a lot to him.

This last weekend, turned out to be pretty special, over the years I have saw some fish we assumed were around 30 pounds come unbuttoned, we lost one in the ice I know was about this size, and I had a client lose one that I still think was bigger than this fish at the boat, but my wife and I were finally able to land this guy and put to rest a long term belief we had and get some true numbers of a giant ...

40" Length 25.25" Girth

August 29th,2016
Clay - 08/29/16

Fished all over the lake looking for fish to jig on only ended up with 2 macs a 10 and 7 tough day

Bear Lake Update
Darin - 08/25/16

Well things have changed up a little but nothing that required new updates. The cutthroats are still being caught and a few lake trout but nothing seems to be guaranteed. The water temps are still up and the weather conditions have started to move down in the evening so that will help with getting the lake trout excited about starting to feed again. Those anglers that have searched them out have done ok but nothing over the top. Most anglers are having a hard time to get them to feed. This could have been because of the full moon etc but look for this to start to break this weekend.

Locations will still be off of Marina out in 60-100'
Cisco Beach South to South Eden - 65-85'
Rock Pile/Gus Rich Point 65-95'
Ledges / South to North Eden 55-85'

I am open Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday & Saturday 8am-6pm
Closed Sundays

If you need something not in that time slot and not on SUNDAY just text or call me and I will make sure I am here to give you a hand.


August 12th,2016
Scott - 08/12/16

8-11-16 very slow today fished most of the day and only caught 4 cuts all clipped fin all released back 18' to 23', all caught at 65 feet in 85 feet of water all caught on blue/silver spoon trolling between 2 and 2.25 mph, 3 caught around the rock pile one at the ledges, fished north of marina and cisco beach also.fished between 50' and 100' not many fish on sonar but better than working.

August is Here :)
Darin Pugmire - 08/09/16

First it is so great to see Raspberry Days has come and gone. I love when it is over! The fish on the lake love when it is over as well because now is when we are going to start to see some changes in our fishing consistency as well as success. The lake fishing has been ok over the past month but now is the time when you will start to see it change in bigger numbers. The nights are getting cooler, the big game hunting is starting to creep into your minds and with that comes some of the best fishing on the lake. Look for the best times to be from the 3rd week of August until around the 2-3 week of September. Those lake trout have been allusive to most non experienced anglers on Bear Lake but now will be the time for the less Bear Lake Savvy Fisherman to start to shine instead of getting more upset than you already are.

The lake temps has been fairly warm but it hasn't pushed it up in the 72degree range so that is good for the fishing to start to pick up quicker than normal. I have had a lot of angler in the past months and some have come out with some better success than others. That has a lot to do with the times of day that you get out on the water as well as the experience that is needed when fishing on this lake. Don't get discouraged but it does get easier the more you fish it.

The best times to fish on the lake right now would be from 6am-9am. Mornings are always better on the lake. If you need me to be here earlier than my regular hours, Monday - Saturday 8am-7pm I would be happy either meet you here earlier or later in the day. I need some heads up though so whatever you can do to send me a quick update would be greatly appreciated.

The cutthroat trout fishing has been pretty well received. Most of these trout have been caught up in the top columns as well as some of the larger ones on the bottom columns. With that make sure you have all of the levels being fished when you have the ability to do so. For those of you with downriggers make sure you pick up another release so you can attack the water with 2 rods off of each downrigger. That will help your odds out a lot. When doing this make sure that your top release is above your bottom by at least 20 feet and then make sure that your keep your lure behind your release double the distance that your bottom lure is set at. If that makes now sense whatsoever just give me a call or stop by and I will do better explaining that in person.

Areas of interest should be:
- Around the RockPile
* 65-95'
- Aquatics Camp to South Eden
* 50-80'
- Cisco Beach to North Eden
* 55-85'
- Marina to Swan Creek
* 50-68'
- 2nd Point to Pump House
* 50-83'
- Gus Rich Point - Spinnaker Point
* 55-95'

Color patterns should start to make changes now going forward. Start looking for more of your white color lures and jigs and always make sure to tip them with a worm and Cisco Scent. I don't do as well tipped with Cisco when I am trolling because it takes the action away from the lure but that is just myself so use whatever seems to work the best for you.

Jigging is also picking up and will continue to do so. I would make sure that you find depths from 50-80' and then hold your ground for at least 30/45min before you get to discouraged and decide to move to a new location. I would use tubes ranging from 4"-8" and a variety of color patterns. I tip these with Cisco or with Sucker Meat or with a Night-crawler, and of course Cisco Scent. Use the same areas that I have listed for jigging as I did for those that are trolling as well.

Best of luck anglers and if you need anything further don't hesitate to give me a shout out and I will try to make your trip on the lake a good memory and not one that makes you never want to return!

Mobile: 435-757-9430
Office: 435-946-2855

OPEN 8am-7pm Monday - Saturday
CLOSED Sundays

Raspberry Weekend Fishing #BearLake
Paul Streiff - 08/04/16

Caught this 27" Cutt trolling a black and silver reef runner in 82 feet of water near idaho state park, put it back safely for another day

DNR Fishing Report
Scott Tolentino - 07/26/16

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report:

Surface water temperature is about 69oF. Launching is available at the Utah State Park marina, First Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps. Fishing has been fair to good for Cutthroat Trout and slower for Lake Trout.

Trolling has been the best method for fishing for Cutthroat Trout. Good spots have been off the west side of the lake from the Utah State Park marina northward to Fish Haven Creek in Idaho. Also try off the east side from the mouth of South Eden Canyon north along Cisco Beach to the mouth of North Eden Canyon. Flatfish have been working well along with spoons and squids behind dodgers. Sometimes at this time of year you can try trolling with flat lines in the early mornings before the sun hits off the mouth of North and South Eden Canyons with chartreuse or firetiger rapalas in size #7. Runt the lures 100’ to 150’ behind the boat. In these areas of the lake grasshoppers get blown out onto the water surface with morning winds and it will cause cutthroat to feed off the surface. If you are using downriggers, try at depths from 60’-65’ right on bottom. Try trolling from about 1.7-2.5 mph.

Please remember, all Cutthroat Trout that are caught and don’t have a healed fin clip must be released. Large Lake Trout are not very good eating and take a long time to reach large sizes, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond
Fishing for Rainbow Trout has been excellent. The best success has been in the mornings and evenings, but fish can be caught all day long. For fly anglers, try a bead-headed pheasant tail or a wooly bugger behind a bubble. You can also cast small spinners (#1 in size) or small black jigs. Fishing with a bobber using worms or powerbait is also working well. The pond is full at this time and will be stocked before the upcoming weekend.

Laketown Reservoir
Laketown Reservoir is fishing good for both Rainbow Trout and a few Cutthroat Trout. Weeds are sometimes an issue, but fishing with flies behind a bubble has been working the best. You can also try casting small spinners tipped with a worm or meal worm. A 4 wheel drive is recommended to access this reservoir since the road is rough.

Little Creek (Randolph) Reservoir
The water level has been dropping and is at 4-5’ below full pool, but fishing for Rainbow Trout has been good. Anglers last week were having good luck in the mornings using wooly buggers behind a bubble. If you have a float tube, you can effectively catch fish using dry flies too.

25lb Mac & 8lb Cutt
Derrick Gallegos - 07/20/16

Caught this 25 pound whopper and an 8 pound Cutthroat on 7/15/2016 about a mile north of Cisco Beach. The Mac was suspended at 65 ft. I caught both on a 4 inch silver crocodile lure using down riggers. Landed a few other small ones as well.

July 24th Weekend Predictions
Darin Pugmire - 07/24/16

I haven't updated my report for a little while because the fishing hasn't changed much over the course of the last 2 weeks. The fishing however was exceptional right after the low got pushed out with the high and the barometric pressure showed great signs for the trout. I love when their is a swing in the pressure because it does help the fishing dramatically. I had several reports of fisherman catching 7+ a day with some of those being some big trout both cutthroats and lake trout.

The locations of the fishing have changed a little as well. Thanks to some of those that have posted some reports...look below...they have found fishing in shallow off of the RockPile to be very productive and showing a lot of signs of trout. The other areas that have shown some great success are as follows:

South Eden / Aquatics Camp
Cisco Beach / North Eden crossing over Rainbow Cove area
Swan Creek area and then north to Fish Haven Creek
North Eden / Ledges
1st Point / Pump House
2nd Point

Most fishing that is being done is trolling. The anglers that like to jig have done well if they get out first light and continue jigging until around 8:30/9am along the East Shoreline. While jigging make sure that you have some of my double hook lead heads that allow you to have a hook out of the head of the tube as well as out the back. This is very important because a lot of times the fish are hitting them from the head of the tube and you are missing them. Always check the head of your tubes when you miss the fish and see if you can find teeth marks on them. If that is the case it will help your chances of landing more fish if you have those double hook lead heads. I will have more of those coming in soon but as of right now I am down to around 8 left.

Color patterns for jigging are all across the board. If you have white, chartreuse, green and black, orange, and anything glow the fishing should be good for you. Remember though that you will always to be on the water early for the best success.

The new i-Pilot gps and anchor system sure has been a key for the fisherman. The cost for these Minn Kota i_Pilots has come down and you can get into them now for around $1,800 - $2,500. They allow you to anchor up on a point without having to drop your anchor. For more information please visit this site. - (Sorry no link just copy and paste)

Remember the speeds of your trolling should be from 2.5-4mph. Some lures only allow you to travel at certain speeds. I always make sure to put the lure down on my downrigger and lower it it sight view and then run speeds to see the best action that that specific lure likes to run at. Most of them will be at the fastest speeds possible before they start to roll over.

Remember that the month of July and first of August is usually tougher fishing. However that doesn't mean that the fish are not out their, they just don't want anything to do with you :)

Again thanks for your support and your willingness to help out with submitting your own reports. I will try to do what I can to make fishing better on this lake but it is a cumulative effort so as always do your part and release as many fish as you can..."all cutthroat trout, with all fins in tact, must be immediately released back to the lake." Do your part and help our fishery grow. It is up to use!

The fishing won't be read hot because of this heat wave that has hit us. However you should still be able to catch some trout up in the top water and then in the thermocline around 35' deep.

Following my previous report go back to that for the best times of the day and the depths...they are:
Morning Fishing:
- Time
- 6am/9am
- Depth
- 50-65'

- Time
- 3pm/6pm
- Depth
- 95/120'

- Time
- 6/9pm
- Depth
- 65-95'

Darin Pugmire
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RockPile Location
John Gibbs - 07/04/16

Fished Cisco Beach had very limited luck finding fish on the sonar when across to the rock pile and in 30 feet of water by Sweetwater found a lot of fish over there in 30 to 45 feet of water that was my best fishing over there I don't have a picture but it was good.