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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

July Fishing Report
Darin Pugmire - 06/29/16

Thanks for all of the post from you fisherman. It helps a lot to see others reports besides my own.

The lake had been pretty decent but historically it will start to slow down, especially for the lake trout.

Fishing for the cutthroats has been pretty good. Most are being caught on the top as well as within the thermocline. The depths for that will be from 25'-35' of water. It will be best to hit different depths for catching these trout depending on the time of day.

Morning Fishing:
- Time
- 6am/9am
- Depth
- 50-65'

- Time
- 3pm/6pm
- Depth
- 95/120'

- Time
- 6/9pm
- Depth
- 65-95'

- 1st/2nd Point
- Cisco Beach/South Eden
- Fish Haven
- Rainbow Cove/North Eden
- North Eden/Ledges

We are open from 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday and CLOSED on Sunday's.

Call me anytime or text me. It is busy this time of year so be patient and I will try to get back with you. Thanks again for all of your business and helps to keep me in business as well.

First Day Out on Bear Lake
Kia Kerr - 06/25/16

First time boat owner from Southern California, good at fishing, not so good at catching, never set-up for trolling... prospects for keeping 4 children interested in fishing low. Visited with Darin, got our fishing licenses, local information and "suggested" trolling lure. Followed Darin's instructions to head out about 500 yards, turn North, drop lure in water and BBAAAAAMMMMMM...barely had time to set the drag and my son was fighting a 20+ inch Cutthroat trout. That "suggested" lure hooked up 3 more times in less than an hour. Had bought same lure, but different colors, each hooked up once. 4 children hooked on fishing, because they were catching...THANK YOU DARIN!!!!

Thank you Kia and next time we will have to get you a better net :)

First time in Bear Lake - #bearkake
Rich - 06/20/16

Caught within 15 minutes of going on the water. Darin at Pugstones hooked me up with a rod,rig and guidance on what spot to hit and how to attack. Great coaching!

Fishing is HOT
TJ JOHNSON - 06/20/16

Good day 3 Macs in 60' trolling flat fish biggest on 12lbs

Monster Lake Trout
Chris Laub - 06/13/16

Well, If you are only going to catch one fish all morning this is the one to catch!
He hit a Needle Fish being trolled at 2.0 MPH, suspended at about 75 feet. He was 32" long and had a girth of 19.5". I wish I knew what was making that belly so fat!
By the way... Check out my cool hat!

June 8th,2016
Rick Bywater - 06/08/16

Off the surface 50 yards behind the boat, broken rapalas 2.5 mies and hour

June 8th,2016
Rick Bywater - 06/08/16

fishing the 90 - 100 feet deep using darker colored broken rapalas with cisco scent on the downrigger balls and the lures, pugstones has both the lures and the scent we have been using

Early Fathers Day Retreat
Rick Bywater - 06/08/16

This past week has been excellent fishing out on the big blue, lots of macs between 90 and 100 feet deep right on the bottom, times have been 2 to 3 pm and right at sunset, also been doing well with cutthroat of the surface out in the same depths. Stop and see Darin at Pugstones he has the lures that I have been using in his shop and as always he is eager to help anyone out with fishing information for bear lake and the surrounding areas Good luck and happy fishing!

Bear Lake Cutthroat Spawn Ending
Darin Pugmire - 06/07/16

The cutthroat spawn is all but over. Go find those trout that are now feeding!

Well lots of fishing still happening and rightfully so. Fishing has been good especially for those that have fished on the lake before. Some others that are just starting to fish this lake haven't done as well. This is usually the case with most of the first goers on this lake. Don't get too upset just take more time and it will catch up with you.

The fishing on this lake has been pretty good. The depths are critical but it depends on the fish. It is best when you can find them on your sonar and then target them. Those fish that are suspended are very difficult to spot so don't get hung up on those, just fish the top water while your looking for Those bigger fish that are along the bottom or in that 55` zone area.

The best depths on this lake are:
- top water...trolling 300` behind your boat with your lure of choice only going down 5-10` down.
- the thermocline which is in the 20-30` area. Also making sure you are trolling 200` behind the boat.
- when in depths of 70+...making sure you are 80' behind the boat, fish in that suspended column of 55`
- 5` off of the bottom. This is critical so your fish are willing to come up and hit your lure as it passes by. Making sure you are a minimum of 80' behind the boat.

Now speed is the next important part of effeciency.
- 2.5-3mph when your using Rapala & Apex style lures. They cannot be trolled faster than this without getting wound up.
- 2.5-4mph when using spoons, spinners, Live Target, Mag Lips and other types of lures that will allow this. If in question just try your lure with it in sight and select your speed and watch the actions. You are after eratic actions for having consistency with catching trout.

Next is scent
- Cisco Scent is a wonderful benefit for being successful. If you don't want to come and buy some then at least pick up some anise and smelt scent. I also have 18% anise Cisco Scent for those that love that anise scent.

- North and South of State Marina 1-2 miles each way.
- Gus Rich Point and South towards Rest Area
- Out in front and between 1st and 2nd Point
- Aquatic Camp North towards South Eden
- Rainbow Cove and south over Cisco Beach up to South Eden

- 95-120`
- 50-65`
- 40-55`
- 20-30'

These depths are the ones to always be looking at and then, when out deeper than 40', use your sonar to find those trout. They will be suspended as well as on the bottom in small groups not super large groups.

Lots of info and maybe you say too vague but really it isn't vague, just go out and put in your time with these pointers and you will catch trout.

Please continue to post your reports or just your photos when fishing out here. It is very simple and myself, and the other fisherman, would greatly appreciate it.

My store hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday-Saturdays from 8am-8pm.

Stop by and I will help you out with all of the questions that you may have.

Be inventive and use things that seem like you could catch nothing on them because usually, with the right color pattern, you will find success.

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Bear Lake Top Water Fishing
Nate Smoot - 06/06/16

We started out fishing by the rock pile but lightning pushed us over to the state marina this morning caught 4 cutthroat in about an hour from 8am to 9am largest was about 25". Caught trolling in about 30-50' of water between the marina and swan Creek. One closer to the surface 10-15' and the others 20'ish. Lures were yellow/blue, white with red spots(caught the most) and a pink/green one.