Call us at: (435) 255-7200
Temp at Lake Edge: 41.4 °F     Current Wind: E at 0.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 67.3 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 41.4 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

Antlerless Elk Tags
Darin - 05/26/16

Utah elk antlerless tags!


Darin - 05/20/16

The tornado just rolled through Bear Lake...not really a tornado but some serious wind. We have that cold front coming in tonight.

The fishing tournament will continue unless by tomorrow morning the lake is too rough. If that happens we will postpone it for another date.

Right now we have 10 different contestants per category...CUTTHROAT and LAKE TROUT. I am hoping, weather permitted, that tomorrow we will have several more show up. Remember that you can even do this from shore as well.

I will be here at my shop at 6:30 AM. It is mandatory that you do show up before the derby to make sure that you pick up your logo and yard stick along with signing a disclosure.

You can come in as late or as early as you would like but the tourney starts at 7AM and goes until 4 PM.
Feel free to text me in the morning before coming over if you would like. I will be up and able to respond by 6 AM.

Pass this along so everyone is on the same page and lets pray for some calm weather.


Slow Fishing Day 15lb Laker However
Landon - 05/16/16

Slow day. Finally found a good one. 15lbs. Released. Marked fish from 20 to 60 feet, but they were all glued to the bottom. 2.3 to 3.4 mph. Used large natural colored baits. Beautiful day on the lake none the less!!!

Monster Mackinaw
Landon - 05/16/16

33 1/2 x 19 /4

DARIN - 05/16/16

Hey guys most of the news I received this week were mixed reviews. I think that most of the fisherman did ok but nothing with huge numbers. This is very typical for this time of year so nothing to alarming. Bear Lake is a quality fishery not a quantity fishery. I wish we had more quantity but I guess we get what we get. We can do our part by continuing our catch and release ways so keep that in mind.

Those that are catching fish are still using side planners to have the best success. Most fish are being caught within the top 20'. These are the cutthroat a as well as the lake trout that have come in feeding off of the little planters as well as the suckers that are now in and spawning.

Best areas would be from marina north and then past Fish Haven. East side off of 2nd Point and along the Aquatics Camp. Marina south down to city park area as well as the north end down around the inlet of Mudlake and along the east side from Indian Creek to North Eden.

The speeds will be critical so make sure and speed them up. Don't worry about even speeds up to or around 4mph. It will all depend on your lures of choice but you want to fast action lures to have the best success.

The fishing derby is pushing along and slated to be up and moving forward this coming Saturday at 7am. Remember to get signed up so that you can be registered before that day. I have had several fisherman send me in checks and some stopping by with cash as well as those just on a card. Either way just make sure you get signed up before the day of so you can save some money.

The contest is catch and release and we will have everything that you will need when you arrive. You can stop by my shop and pick them up and be in the water by 7am. I will be down there at 6:30am.

Talk to your friends and colleagues and make a business trip out of it if needed. This is the time to help try and get others to sign up and make this a yearly event that we can all look forward to.

Remember that this isn't a derby we set up to make money. All proceeds go directly back to you! I don't make nor did I want to make a dime, this is your event I just want to try and escalate it.

I am open daily from 9am-5pm and I will show up earlier if I need to so please just call and set up an appointment. My number: 435-757-9430 MOBILE

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and have a great week!


May 15th,2016
Rocky Mountain Cod - 05/15/16

Fished cisco beach 05/14/2016. No fish. Moved to the west side. Managed a few fish between 5 guys and two boats in 7 additional hours of fishing. Rewarded with a couple good ones for our diligence.

My brother had a carp eat a 7" lure so we decided to keep him and eat him. We have been wanting to try carp out of Bear Lake for a long time. If there was ever to be a good one to try eating, this one was it. It was great!! Bony, but had a great flavor. Breaded in corn meal and pan fried. Definitely worth eating again. We all went back for 2nds and 3rds. Much better than any lake trout I have ever eaten out of there!!! I'm going to call it Rocky Mountain Cod!

10lb Cutthroat!
TJ JOHNSON - 05/10/16

10lb cut caught on March 5 2016

Low Pushing Out...In Comes the HIGH
DARIN - 05/11/16

Well the low is slowly being pushed out and it is allowing the high to come in, which in turn will turn the fishing on an upward scale. That will only happen for a few days so the best times will be this week so if you can get up here because we should see the trout start to get a little more aggressive making the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Thanks to you that have posted your reports and pics directly to this site. I hope that more of you will do so. As you use this portal and submit them with pictures etc it lets me know and I review them and then make them live. I do this so that spam doesn't end up in the report. I can do it pretty quickly now so please take the time and post your success/no success reports and photos as you please.

Cutthroats are in spawning but they haven't peaked yet. Look for that to happen going into next week sometime. Make sure that you are getting in shallow while you are fishing and have patience while doing so. If you go back into my post report you will see other info on what I recommend for best technique.

We are now open from Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday and Saturday 8am-5pm. We have a bunch of new lures for you fisherman that like to tackle this lake so stop by and see what we can do for you.

Good luck and wind permitting get up here and enjoy this beautiful valley and wonderful fishery!

Don't forget the fishing derby will be going on SATURDAY May 21st. I still haven't received the final copy of the affidavit from the state but it isn't much different from last year. Stop in and start applying now to enter this CATCH & RELEASE tourney. All proceeds go back to the top 3 winners of each category.

Best of luck in all you are doing! Let me know what else I can help you out with because I would love to do so.

Remember that we have all sorts of guns and ammo in stock as well as making several special orders on any guns that you need as well. Check in before you go to those big chain stores because if I can't beat them I can at least match them for you.



May 9th,2016
TJ JOHNSON - 05/09/16

13lb lake trout

Shore fishing Bear Lake
Mark - 05/09/16

I fished Bear Lake Utah April 26-29. Caught 7 cutthroats, one was 4lb 5oz, and another was 5lb 11oz. The rest were smaller, but I did not fish for long periods of time and still caught good fish. Great trip. I caught one planted fish and the others looked like native fish.