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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

May 9th,2016
TJ JOHNSON - 05/09/16

13lb lake trout

Shore fishing Bear Lake
Mark - 05/09/16

I fished Bear Lake Utah April 26-29. Caught 7 cutthroats, one was 4lb 5oz, and another was 5lb 11oz. The rest were smaller, but I did not fish for long periods of time and still caught good fish. Great trip. I caught one planted fish and the others looked like native fish.

FBL - 05/07/16

Winds are mild tonight. Temps are so-so but the winds tomorrow may be too much for a good fishing excursion tomorrow. Look for Tuesday to be the best fishing day going forward.
Watch the water temps and the wind speeds on my site they should be well updated.


Always call if you need a different time I will try to meet your demands. 435-757-9430

FBL - 05/03/16

Well it is now May 2016 and it is that time of year that the state brings in cutthroat trout and introduce them to our bigger and healthier cutthroat's and lake trout. Also the seagulls and mostly those, hated by me, pelicans! They reek more havoc on our planters than anything.
Anyway as they plant these fish they move all over the place. Most will stay along this side of the lake but last year as they dumped some off of 1st point within 1 day they had moved clear to the north end by the small arm of St. Charles! Yea that is crazy but that is how it goes. The cutthroat's will be planted off of the marina, perhaps it was done yesterday. Either way I would focus my fishing along the east side because the fish on the west side will be full! I will update quantiles ASAP so you can make more of an educated guess.

The lake is beautiful today and is calling you. Get up here and enjoy all of the beauty that we have.

FBL - 04/26/16

Well the spawn seems to be up and moving forward. I have spoken with a bunch of you about the fishing and if the Bear Lake scuplin have stopped spawning and for those that want to know yes the spawn is over for those little bait fish, most commonly known as a bullhead. Those that were fishing in the shallower areas of rocky shoreline areas did pretty well. Most needed a side planer board to have a better success rate. Now that that is over remember, that those side planner boards are ideal and much needed to have a better fishing experience on this lake. They allow you to not only get into shallower ares without having your boat in 4-10' of water, they also allow you to be able to troll multiple rods without getting hung up as easily. Here is a quick link for some better ideas on how planners boards are used.

Now the way he has that set up is ideal but you can use whatever release you want to use for the front but you will need to make sure that you use it accordingly so that you don't lose a fish when you catch it on these side planner boards. Also another video of how to detect those subtle bites. You can also see if you are happening to be snagging up into weeds, rocks etc. I would use both of these systems together.
So first set up like it was shown on the first video. On the back end you should set it up like this video will show. Then watch this and see how to line it up when you are using it. You can use multiple planer boards but I would suggest only using one planer for both sides, right and left...starboard and port...and still run your down-riggers directly behind you.

The cutthroats are starting to come in to the shorelines but remember that it isn't always in the morning and in the evening, it can be continually during the entire day. Yes morning and early evening are still going to be good but don't forget midday as well.

We do still have fish out in deeper waters so plan on some deep fishing but I would focus a good amount of time from 30' and then into 5' depths. The side planners will be a true benefit to your fishing on this lake and if you need one let me know, I have a few left in stock and I will give you a 10% discount on them by mentioning that you seen this report.

The lake trout seem to be coming out of the slumber they have been in and so you will be finding them looking for bait. Some of the best lake trout fishing on this lake comes in May and it is done by long lining. Those of you who long line from shore just remember to keep your lines weighed down and you trollers keep your bait just off of the bottom and then you won't have to worry about getting each other snagged up. Remember that this lake is able to have both of these types of fishing going on at the same time if you each take precautions to make sure you cannot get tangled up on each other. Use courtesy! No one goes out fishing to just yell and scream at other fisherman...if that is your game then please just go away :)

OK - the cutthroat trout are just about to be released into the lake. The state will do this at or around the first of May. That should be sometime around next or the following. I will keep you all posted to when this will happen. Last year they only released them from the State Marina so I will assume it will be the same this year. I will also do more research and keep you all posted.

When these little fish get planted it is a true feeding frenzy for all of those lake trout and the cutthroats as well as all of those horrible seagulls. Some of those that cause the most grief will be those pelicans. If you want to find where those little fish that they plant go just follow those pelicans and you will find your the bait that is pulling in those nice sized trout to feed on them as well.

I will be starting to open up most of the days in the month on May minus Sundays. I will keep you all posted on that as well but I am planning on or around May 9th. I will also start coming into my shop on Friday and Saturdays earlier but if you need me there before 7:30am then just call me and I will meet you anytime on those days.

Good luck anglers and for your information it is simple and easy to post your photos and reports on this page as well so please do. If you are having a hard time and are unable please report to me what errors you are having so I can make sure that they get changed and working accordingly.

Bear Lake and surrounding area fishing reports
Scott Tolentino - 04/19/16

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report:

The lake is entirely open water. Launching is available at the Utah State Park marina, First Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps. Fishing has been fair for Cutthroat Trout and Lake Trout.

Cutthroat fishing has been the best by both trolling right now. Anglers are finding fish at basically two different depths. Around 60-65’ off the east side from Rainbow Cove to North Eden and then about 10-20’ of water parallel to the shore at the same location. Another good spot to try right now is from the marina north to Fish Haven Creek in Idaho. Try using different sizes of rapala type lures, dodgers and a squid, and flatfish. In the shallow water use a simple flat line and let it out from 100’ to 175’ behind the boat. The boat will typically spook the fish in the shallow water but if you run the lure far enough behind the boat, they will return to the shallow water zone. In the deeper water you can use downriggers or lead core line to get the proper depth. There really hasn’t been any jig fishing going on the last few weeks so we don’t have an update on that technique, but it can also be good at any time of the year. If you jig fish, try ¾ to 1 ounce tube jigs tipped with Cisco, Sucker meat, or even worms right on the bottom With the cold water fish can be found at any depth at this time of the year so if you are not catching fish, keep moving to different depths until you find the active fish.

Please remember, all Cutthroat Trout that are caught and don’t have a healed fin clip must be released. Large Lake Trout are not very good eating and take a long time to reach large sizes, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond
The pond is now open water and has been stocked with catchable sized rainbow trout and a few larger cutthroat trout. Fishing has been excellent. The best success has been from anglers using a fly such as a wooly bugger behind a bubble. Fishing with worms or powerbait is also working well. The pond is about 3 feet under full pool, but that will change in late April when the irrigation season begins and the pond will fill up.

Laketown Reservoir
Laketown Reservoir has open water at this time and fishing has been fair to good for both Rainbow Trout and Cutthroat Trout. Try casting small spinners or using a small jig tipped with a worm or meal worm under a bobber. Access to this reservoir is only by 4 wheel drive and the road is muddy at this time.

Fishing is PICKING UP!
FBL - 04/19/16

Well it looks as if the weather pattern has changed enough that it is starting to push more cutthroat into the trap. With that being said we are still seeing a majority of our fish out in super deep waters. As you are out there fishing for these cutthroats make sure you find them first and then troll for them. You can also jig for them once you have found them but I would focus on finding the fish first.

The depths that you want to fish are still from 60 to 90 feet and sometimes out as deep as 120 feet. I would focus more on those that are in closer between 60 and 90 feet they seem like the ones that are in more of a feeding zone. Make sure that if you find Sisqó on your sonar that you find and stay with them because obviously that is where the trout will be. that should be a keen focus while fishing this body of water.

Continue to send me updates letting me know how your fishing experiences were. It is very simple to submit them now but I would like to receive your report so I can post them immediately to this page. Also submit your photos they will be posted as well.

The bait of choice is still going to be anything was some flash unit but don't think that you don't have the right item make sure that you stop by and I will show you them or take an arsenal of Lors so that you make sure you are successful. Spoons are a wonderful go to this time of year as well as flatfish quick fish rapalas and Yozuri's live targets and many more.

Thanks again for all you do to help me stay up and running and let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.


Bear Lake Fishing
FBL - 04/15/16

Bear Lake hasn't produced the fishery that we have been accustomed to this time of year. The lakes water temperature is what is to blame so don't give up just use patience because it is coming soon.

The water temperature did go up this week but not enough to push the cutthroat trout to start the spawn. Temps are best at 52 degrees but next week, hopefully we will be at least in the 48 degree mark.

On anther note. The Bear Lake sculpin, aka Bullhead, are in full spawn. This hasn't been a huge producer of trout in feeding off of them and I can't answer why not. For best success fish from shore in shallow water from 1st Point - 2nd Point and then down and along the Aquatic Camp clear to Cisco Beach. Best lures will be flashy spoons and spinners and tube jigs in the 3" size patterns. Silver and blue and green and oranges and chart should be looked at. If you are fishing from boat use planner boards and allow them to fish in tight along the bank line as you are trolling in the 20' depth areas. I have some perfect sculpin patterns by Live Target that would be worth having.

All tributaries are now closed. Make sure you get you a proclamation and turn to page 23-24 for Bear Lake rules. Make sure you abide by these rules or you will be ticketed. This fishing will only keep improving by adhering to these regs.

Fishing from shore will also be picking up going into next week. Keep checking in and I will leave updates as I receive them. This new site allows easy access and reporting from myself as well as you.

Post your reports and photos etc and I will upload them within 5 min. The new app is also in production which will also help everyone out with simplicity and mapping of promanate locations. Keep updated and I will try to keep things better updated.

If you have questions or thought or ideas about this new site please help me by emailing, texting, or calling me with your pros and cons so I can have what you are looking for.

Thank you everyone for helping me help you. I am in business because of you and for you. Let's work together to make this what would be best for you.

Darin Pugmire

April 5, 2016
FBL - 04/05/16

Fishing on the lake picked up a little last week. The high and lows have pushed things into a little bit of a mess but with the low that is in today and nobody out on the lake I am surprised! It would be a perfect time to be here if nothing else get here tomorrow for some of the better fishing.

Look for the same depths and color patterns as I posted last week...see below.

The Bear Lake Sculpin haven't showed up yet to spawn but look for this to happen anytime. Usually it has been around the middle of the month but I will keep everyone updated to when this will happen. Watch for the ducks along the shorelines on the east side of the lake as well as in front of the marina. When you see them along the shoreline you will know that it has started. I will go into more detail on how to fish for them later this week or prior to them showing up.

All of the ramps are opened up on the east side of the lake. You can launch from either 1st Point or Rainbow Cove. The North End can also work but only for small boats. The marina of course is still your best location. Remember that you can buy a season pass from the state park that is good in any other state park within Utah. It is the best thing to do if you come to this lake more than 8 times. The cost, I believe, is $80 for the season. It is similar to your fishing license but it goes by months. If you buy it April it is good until through the month of May 2017.

I am still open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am-5pm. If you want me there earlier please just let me know and I will be more than happy to be there as early as you would like. I still haven't found a source to get in more of my double hook lead heads but as soon as I do I will report to everyone letting you know. Remember that jigging is still a great resource and I would do that early in the morning and go into trolling around 9am.

Darin 435-757-9430 MOBILE...please text or leave message if I am unable to answer!

March 31st, 2016
FBL - 03/31/16

Fishing on this beautiful blue water has been up and down. 2 weekends ago it fished really well but as of now it is just so so. That has a lot to do with the water temps which is what promotes the fishery more than anything else.

The cutthroats have not started to spawn and won't be spawning for another few weeks. However the fishing will continue to do well as these little trout are feeding heavy in what I call the per-spawn syndrome. This is when the fish fill up as much as possible since they will go without feed for sometimes a couple of weeks. With that being the case it is the perfect time for these trout to begin that feeding frenzy. You have to first find the fish and then find what will get them interested but when you have all of that put together you will find great success.

First thing is the depths. I would start in the 60' mark and then out in depths of 90'. Use your sonar to find these fish and when you do put your fishing expertise to work and start landing them! Start out with either spoons or deep divers or long billed lures that help to keep your lure moving freely. The color is critical and so with that make sure you use something with some orange, red, chartruese and black. Use the color silver on the sunny days and the coppers and golds in the overcast days as well. You can use Yozuri, Rapala, Live Target, Luhr Jensen along with several others to get what you need. Have a few things on hand though so you can make whatever adjustments are necessary.

We got hit with some crazy spring weather. The heavy snow we received as perfect for the snowmobilers but the horn hunters didn't like it very much. As far as the fisherman it didn't hurt a thing except for those avid flyfisherman slipping along the rocks. Best thing about it is how much the water will come up this year. It won't be happy for the beach goers but for the fisherman it will be an exciting year :)