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Temp at Lake Edge: 41.4 °F     Current Wind: E at 0.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 67.3 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 41.4 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

March 9, 2016
FBL - 03/09/16

Ice on the edges as well as out on the lake is getting even worse. If you do come and decide to brave it, use extreme caution because myself as well as Garden City, which opens up access points, will not be held liable for any issues that may occur while trying to get on the ice. My recommendation is to stay off and wait for it to open up for boat access.

March 7th, 2016
FBL - 03/07/16

The ice on Bear Lake is plenty thick however it is getting a little suspicious. Anglers today said it was good deeper off of the Rockpile but in a little shallower it showed some serious signs that suggest use EXTREME CAUTION and don't go out on your own. When your auger can go through the ice in a matter of just a few second you know that the ice is getting really fragile.

This does make some anglers excited so they can get out on the water with boats and to fish from the shoreline but the ice fisherman are starting to have remorse. Sorry all of you avid ice fisherman because we are getting to that time when it will be over within a couple of weeks. I will continue to update for ice fishing conditions.

The fishing was OK but nothing spectacular. The whitefish where still be caught as well as a few trout but like I stated last time March is a tough month on Bear Lake.

You should start using some flashier style spoons and tubes in preparation for the cutthroat spawn. Orange, reds, pinks and other coordinated colors will be good options however have enough sizes and colors to find the lure or tube of that given day.

I will still be open on Fridays and Saturdays so stop in if I can assist you with anything I will gladly do so. I look forward to this wonderful spring weather and the fishing that we will have in the next month.

March 3rd, 2016
FBL - 03/03/16

Those of you that have been calling about the open water on Bear Lake...yes in the middle of the lake out from the Marina and south to 75 North and East towards Cisco Beach. This water opened up again from the previous report I made 2 weeks ago. That opening did seal itself back up again but it wasn't a secure spot because the ice wasn't thick enough. With that being said, the ice that is still North of the Marina by the "New" Rockpile's as well as south From 150 South down to rendezvous is perfectly find. You do always want to be careful with the edges of the lake because that is what will give out first. Right now we haven't heard of anything so just use caution and you will be fine.

Fishing on the lake will always be tough in the month of March. That is on record of one of the worst times on the lake because of that fact that nothing is spawning and everything just got finished up spawning. Don't make this stop you from coming up but just know that the fishing will not be stellar. For trout go out into deep waters and you will have a better chance of catching fish. If you want to go in for some smaller whitefish and trout do that but do it in areas where there is a little open water or springs coming into the lake. These fish will be in shallow at 20'-8' of water.

UPDATE: I "will not" be open this FRIDAY however I will be opened up on SATURDAY. Let me know if you have more questions and I will try to respond to you. It may not be quick but I will get with you by the end of the day.

Thanks again for your business and wanting to fish this wonderful lake. Enjoy and as always....USE CAUTION!

February 25, 2016
Scott Tolentino - 02/25/16

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report (with UPDATED ICE CONDITIONS):

The entire lake is frozen at this time and the fishing continues to very good for Cutthroat Trout and Lake Trout. The ice (is from 6-12") at this time in most parts of the lake. The only place anglers are experiencing some difficult accessing the lake is off the Utah State Park marina where the sun has melted the ice edges where it touches the rocks. Other areas on the lake are providing good access at this time. People are using both 4 wheelers and snowmobiles but please use extreme caution since Bear Lake has many areas where there are springs and/or methane gas vents and there may be no ice or thin ice in these areas. Last week a crack developed off the Utah State Park marina, but that has since refrozen. The town of Garden City is keeping several access points plowed out and free to anglers. The most popular areas are about 1/4 mile north of Ideal Beach on 250 East Loop Street (to access the "rockpile") and off 150 South Street in Garden City.

Fishing for Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout and Whitefish has been good. The "rockpile" off Ideal Beach has been good for both trout and Whitefish. The Whitefish are mainly be taken right on top the rocks in depths of 40-50'. Trout are being found in water depths of 50-75' in the same general area. Other good spots this week have been along the highway pull-offs south of Gus Rich Point in water from about 50-70 feet deep for trout. The rockpiles just north of the Utah State Park marina haven't had a lot of pressure this week but the anglers who are fishing them are catching some nice sized cutthroat trout. Be careful of shifting ice in this particular location. Finally, they are doing very good fishing for trout and some whitefish off 150 South Street in Garden City. Try a variety of depths from 25-80' in this area until you find active fish. There has been light pressure along the east side of the lake at the pump house, 1st and 2nd Points as well as off Cisco Beach. Good lures to use for jigging for trout at this time include vertical jigging spoons such as Kastmasters and Buck Shots, but tube jigs tipped with cisco continue to be the best lures at this time. For whitefish use smaller jigs (1/8 ounce) jigging spoons and ice flys and tip your lure with a small piece of worm, wax worm or salmon egg.

Please remember, all Cutthroat Trout that are caught and don't have a healed fin clip must be released. Large Lake Trout are not very good eating and take a long time to reach large sizes, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond

The pond is frozen at this time and the ice is up to 10" thick. Pond levels are decling, but fishing has been fair for Rainbow Trout using ice flys and small jigs tipped with worms or meal worms. The parking lot has been plowed. It is a great place to take kids and beginners to learn how to ice fish!

Laketown Reservoir

Laketown Reservoir is also frozen at this time and the ice is about 10" thick. Ice fishing has been good for Rainbow Trout and a few Cutthroat Trout using small jigs or ice flies tipped with a worm or meal worm. Access to this reservoir is only by 4 wheel drive vehicles due to snow and if there is another large snowfall, so you may need a snowmobile or snowshoes to hike in to this water.

Scott Tolentino

February 23, 2016
FBL - 02/23/16

Well we still have ice and the ice conditions are actually good. We have several areas that where broken up with plenty of open water but it seems to have sealed itself up again. This happens during this soon to be spring time events but as of now all of the ice from 150 South to Rendezvous Beach and then on the east side to 2nd Point is safe. We have a lot of area that is iced over but I haven't seen how that is for density so I won't remark on those areas.

The weather during the night has been pleasing to those that want to keep the lake frozen for a little while longer. Those of you that want to go out and fish by boat or from shore will be waiting a little while. With the high that is overshadowing us now it is a good anticipation that we will start to see some open water more plentiful by next weekend. Don't scream at me if my predictions are wrong I am not a weather man.

Fishing has still been OK with some moderate fishing for the whitefish. Most of the Bear Lake Whitefish have spawned out already so that will help with getting our fish catch numbers up again.

We are getting into that time of year when the very few rainbows that are in this lake start to getting excited about spawning. With spring basically already showing itself it may be time to start using those spoons and tubes that have some of the orange, pink, as well as the reds. Use these and you may start seeing your numbers for cutthroats start to improve.

Remember that all cutthroats trout with fins in tacked must be released. It will be my push to see our fishing numbers be reduced to 1 cutthroat and 1 lake trout daily. I don't know how far I will get with this but it needs to be done with the down scaling of not only lake trout but our Bonneville whitefish as well.

Good luck anglers and as always feel free to contact me anytime via text, email, or call. I will reply back shortly if I am unable to answer. If you leave me messages on Facebook I will tell you that you probably won't hear from me when you want to so avoid doing that. I do not use that iMessage much. I hate those apps!

Scan down to see ROCKPILE GPS coordinates. They have been working perfectly for me. You can also print off the Natural Rockpile design and layout to keep with you for reference.

February 19, 2016
FBL - 02/19/16

Big opening from Marina towards my shop. If the wind doesn't pick up it may be ok for the weekend, however it isn't a good sign. Those strong winds yesterday did it in. I just went down to the Marina and seen some anglers that crossed over a 3'+- opening to get out on the ice fishing area. I say DON'T DO THAT! Reason is if the wind picks up or even if it doesn't you might not get back in because it will be shifted by current or by wind. Use precaution and if you do decide to go across something like this don't be pitching a tent up because if you can't see what is going on you may be on that island floating on the lake longer than you really want to be. I will post the picture on my FACEBOOK page as well.

About 15+ years ago we had to push out a drift boat to help some anglers get off of the lake from something just like this so I do understand what can and what will happen. Just hope that the current/wind will pull the ice back together instead of separating it even further apart.

Best of luck to all of you anglers!

February 18, 2016
FBL - 02/18/16

The ice conditions are OK for ice fishing. However you need to use caution on any pressure ridge lines as well as any areas that are split. I think if you use caution you will be OK but don't blame me if you fall in! :)

Areas for fishing will be those without all of the people in or around them. Don't find someone out on the lake and think that is the only place to catch fish and start to drill holes within 20-30' That isn't good for either fisherman. If you want to catch bigger fish go deep, 80-110' and use bigger spoons and tube jigs. If you want the variety go in to 25-40' of water. Copper, gold, and silver with some blue and greens are perfect colors for spoons. Tube jigs will be from chartreuse, white, pepper, pearl, and yellows. Darker colors will be best if no sun is out. Blacks, browns, and variety of other dark colored tubes.

I am open Friday and Saturday from 7am-5pm but I do not have any lead head hooks in. Make sure to pick up 1/2oz-2oz heads with long hooks and I will have the tubes you will need.

Drive safe and cya soon!

February 15, 2016
FBL - 02/15/16

Ice on the lake is starting to get a little rough. The warm temps are making it so they pressure ridges are starting to get weak. The ice is plenty thick but with the ridges getting weak we will start to see the ice split making crossings very difficult. We have seen this a lot so when you go out and the wind picks up be careful not to end up on the lake because you cannot get back across that ridge that splits.

Fishing has been at most moderate. Most anglers didn't have much success this week and that mostly because of those that haven't fished Bear Lake very much. Those that are accustomed to the lake did rather well. Not many numbers but big trout.

Watch for my updates and I will keep those posted.

Also please watch my Facebook Page as well because that will keep you updated as well.

The fishing should pick up this weekend with that low that is coming in this Thursday. I hope that we will get winter back because I am not ready for spring in February! If you want location's, please see the updates I have posted in previous days because they haven't changed. The only thing that changed was stay away from fishing areas with the most pressure. It isn't a good fish practice because they are smart and your success will go up 100 fold if you separate by extreme margins!

Feel free to continue to ping me or call me on my mobile device I am always here to lend a hand!

February 12, 2016
FBL - 02/12/16

Man Made Rock Piles North of Marina on Bear Lake:

41° 58' 5.80" N
111° 23' 40.90" W

41° 58' 11.20" N
111° 23' 43.70" W

41° 58' 17.50" N
111° 23' 45.90" W

41° 58' 25.10" N
111° 23' 47.90" W

Natural Rockpile North East of Ideal Beach Resort:
41° 54' 49.90" N
111° 22' 21.70" W

February 10, 2016
FBL - 02/10/16

Well the Cisco run is officially over now however the Bear Lake whitefish have already started to come in to spawn. This is about 7-10 days ahead of schedule but even though it has brought the trout back in to feed but it didn't give us another week for them to get a little more interested in feeding on a broader scale. I am not saying that the trout are not in feeding but it is nothing like it could have been if those little whitefish would have waited just another week the trout fishing would have been that much better!

With that being said the temperatures are stilling very cold up here in the valley. If you look at the top of any of my pages, you will see the temperatures and that will help you understand what to be prepared for. The ice is still thickening so don't worry about that however do worry about those certain areas on the lake that are a little susceptible for having thinner ice do to the methane gas below it.

Areas for the best Bear Lake whitefish are off of the Rockpile, 150 South along the weed-beds, south west side in 20-30' of water as well as Cisco Beach. The pump house seems like is not as a good as it has been in the years past but that is because of the numbers of these little whitefish are nowhere near the 8 million Cisco that we just got done with.

The state marina has also been another great spot for anglers. The new Rockpiles have also produced a few trout and for the record these areas are only in about 36' of water. I thought I was on them several years ago and I was out in 52' so I can't give you my input on them because I haven't ever really spent enough time on those to tell you any pros or cons.

I will still be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7am-5pm. If you need me there earlier I can do that for you. I have the tube jigs that you will want to be using right now as well as the other spoons that have been creating the best actions. Thanks again to all of you that help to keep my small business thriving and please take the time to take the survey that is listed above because that is critical in helping me get what you need in my store as well as input I need to present to both Utah and Idaho to help us start getting some budgets better set for our fishery.

Best of luck and please feel free to call or text or email me anytime.

Darin Pugmire
435-757-9430 MOBILE