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Temp at Lake Edge: 28.2 °F     Current Wind: S at 0.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 28.2 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

February 12, 2016
FBL - 02/12/16

Man Made Rock Piles North of Marina on Bear Lake:

41° 58' 5.80" N
111° 23' 40.90" W

41° 58' 11.20" N
111° 23' 43.70" W

41° 58' 17.50" N
111° 23' 45.90" W

41° 58' 25.10" N
111° 23' 47.90" W

Natural Rockpile North East of Ideal Beach Resort:
41° 54' 49.90" N
111° 22' 21.70" W

February 10, 2016
FBL - 02/10/16

Well the Cisco run is officially over now however the Bear Lake whitefish have already started to come in to spawn. This is about 7-10 days ahead of schedule but even though it has brought the trout back in to feed but it didn't give us another week for them to get a little more interested in feeding on a broader scale. I am not saying that the trout are not in feeding but it is nothing like it could have been if those little whitefish would have waited just another week the trout fishing would have been that much better!

With that being said the temperatures are stilling very cold up here in the valley. If you look at the top of any of my pages, you will see the temperatures and that will help you understand what to be prepared for. The ice is still thickening so don't worry about that however do worry about those certain areas on the lake that are a little susceptible for having thinner ice do to the methane gas below it.

Areas for the best Bear Lake whitefish are off of the Rockpile, 150 South along the weed-beds, south west side in 20-30' of water as well as Cisco Beach. The pump house seems like is not as a good as it has been in the years past but that is because of the numbers of these little whitefish are nowhere near the 8 million Cisco that we just got done with.

The state marina has also been another great spot for anglers. The new Rockpiles have also produced a few trout and for the record these areas are only in about 36' of water. I thought I was on them several years ago and I was out in 52' so I can't give you my input on them because I haven't ever really spent enough time on those to tell you any pros or cons.

I will still be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7am-5pm. If you need me there earlier I can do that for you. I have the tube jigs that you will want to be using right now as well as the other spoons that have been creating the best actions. Thanks again to all of you that help to keep my small business thriving and please take the time to take the survey that is listed above because that is critical in helping me get what you need in my store as well as input I need to present to both Utah and Idaho to help us start getting some budgets better set for our fishery.

Best of luck and please feel free to call or text or email me anytime.

Darin Pugmire
435-757-9430 MOBILE

February 4th, 2016
FBL - 02/04/16

Fishing on the lake today was HOT! The Rockpile has totally frozen over and enough to even get snowmobiles on it. This fishing was so good because no one had been able to get here but now it's time to come on out and get your line wet!

Depths are from 35'-65' and even out into those 90' marks. Pick your location and come on out and enjoy. There will be a lot of people out here so don't get flustered. Parking is available down on 250 East Loop Road. Look for the open section to the lake with the yellow pillars and you will know where to go. I think we have made enough room for 30 vehicles but be mindful so other can get out and not lock someone in. Keep your parking in some what of an orderly fashion so I don't get screamed at or I will close it up and make everyone walk in from the highway!

Don't think that this is the only place fish were being caught today. Fishing off of 150 South Bear Lake Blvd was also a hot spot and fishing there was also a wonderful day. Most anglers caught lake trout and cutthroat trout and I didn't hear too much of whitefish being caught. If you are after the whitefish make sure you stay in the weed-beds to catch them. Usually that is in the 20-40' depths.

Fishing was still good off of the west side and the east side today as well. If you don't like the crowd go and explore and find a spot away from everyone else. That will make a lot nicer for some and for others you just don't care....however make sure you don't go and start jigging within a few feet of someone else! Ask and be polite because it makes everyone have a lot more enjoyable day!

Because I have some ranching things I have to take care of I will not be open tomorrow until 9am. I will be down there at 7am on Saturday.

Keep the peace...enjoy this beautiful valley...enjoy hard!

February 3rd, 2016
FBL - 02/03/16

Fishing on the lake has its ups and downs. Fishing, yesterday off of the east side showed great fishing but it slowed off today. Fishing along the west side was about the same. Ice is super thick from South Eden to the Pump House. Ice on the west side is also plenty thick for snowmobile access as well. As always use CAUTION around any ice area that you can see straight ice because 9-10 times that is a methane pocket and so the ice will usually be a lot thinner.

Looks like by Friday/Saturday we will have fisherman off of the Rockpile. Mixed reviews but some are saying it has plenty of thick ice but several areas are a lot thinner. Also remember, if you go out that you will always cross over a small split in the ice, I can see it from my house and have always been able to see when you cross that however small or large area be careful because I have seen it split apart even when the ice is 6" thick.

Fishing should be good for this weekend and moving into even better next weekend. Drive safe, play safe, fish safe, and as always help protect our fishery! It is our job to make things continue to be as they are now and to have improvement as well!

I will be open on Friday but not until 9am. Usually I am there by 7am but I have some ranching things I have to tend to. As for Saturday I will be there at 7AM and or even earlier, if needed so just let me know how I can help you.

For more past fishing reports continue to read down below or text or call me anytime.

February 2,2016
FBL - 02/02/16

The lake is completed frozen over! This is great news for the fisherman but not for the fish! Please use fishing ethics to make sure we keep our fishery where it needs to be. You may think I am crazy but if you want to keep lake trout in here then RELEASE THEM! Don't take them home! It shouldn't be any question but why do you think this fishery has done so well over the past 5 years? One because of the number of fisherman not taking everything they catch home!

The Rockpile is still not safe to be on but by this weekend it should be. Make sure to use great caution and have the necessary ice fishing equipment that will help you get out if you happen to fall in. The temperatures have been so cold the last 2 days that the ice is getting firm and we are seeing around 1/4" a day increase on the thickness of the ice. Great news!

The west side is still good to fish as well as on the south east. You could fish from the Pump House to 2nd Point but make sure you watch for those methane pockets because the ice will be thin. If the ice looks wet stay away!

Recommendations would be to fish in shallow (20-30') from 7am-9am then move out deeper from 55'-85'. This is if you want more actions. The Cisco Run is all but over however there are still a few Cisco coming in off of the weed-beds and that will still be the case this weekend. With that the whitefish will be in there feeding off of the Cisco eggs as well as the Cisco as well. Also the trout will be in after the Cisco and the whitefish so fishing shallow allows you to have more constant fish action. If you are only after big trout then go out deep and stay out there. Remember that the water is 12' below full so if you are basing the depths of where you fished last time you will have to take that statistic into your previous depths.

Cisco Beach is also ok for fishing a little deeper. You don't have to go out far to get in the 50-90' range but still use caution in this area as well. The Marina is also been frozen up for a while but use caution off of here as well but I would dare say there is more than 3" of ice in MOST areas off of this area. I will continue to report as the first guys dare to get off of the Rockpile and I will report that.

I am still open on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want me there earlier than 7am on Fridays and Saturdays then let me know and I will there anytime you ask. I have all of your spoons and tube jigs that you will need while on the lake and if you were unlucky and didn't get your Cisco then stop by and get the custom Cisco Scent that I have. Pro Cure is the company that I went with to put this together. Yes, I am the only one that has this concoction and the only one that can because it a not able to be duplicated. If you want some stop in and I will still have plenty for this winter and most of the summer. I have to do another set next year.

Thanks again for all of your business. Whether or not you stop in my shop or you just use my report for updates I don't care I just want you to be able to have a successful fishery and a great fishing day while on Bear Lake. That is the reason I go off on CATCH AND RELEASE!

Have a great week and we will see you this weekend!

Look at the top of the page for the weather information. It give you the temperatures, the wind chill, and the distance to full lake capacity. I am still working on the APP for more real time and updated information. I will let everyone know when that gets completed!

January 29th, 2016
FBL - 01/29/16

Well the lake did a great job sealing itself up but it sin't all of the way yet because some open water is still out deep off of Cisco Beach. The Rockpile isn't ready for fisherman and wont be for another week with less than 2" of ice on it. The south end still has plenty of ice (6") and that will remain that way for some time.

Fishing has been good but some anglers are doing a lot better than others. You can use several different lures to jig with so have a good arsinal on hand so you can change up to find the right lure and color of that day.

I will be open tomorrow from 7am-5pm. I do not have any more cisco nets. I have been out of them for a while. I do have everything else that you may need though so stop in if I can be of any help.

Fishing areas that I have spoken about from the previous day, read below, are still the areas you want to be in. The ice is plenty thick so don't worry about that but make sure you are in the areas I spoke of and if you decide to try your luck you may do that at your own risk but use some common sense and take your bar and test the ice every 10yds.

Cya tomorrow and next week! Call me anytime and I will make the effort to be here when you come and need some help on this wonderful Bear Lake

Darin Pugmire
Mobile: 435-757-9430

January 27th, 2016
FBL - 01/27/16

OK - I got some better news for your Cisco Fisherman. The Cisco came in off of the Marina at 6:30AM - 7:30AM They also showed up on Cisco Beach at 8:15-10am and then returned again at 4-5pm. This is a little different but not too different. Look for this to stay this way for at least a few more days. I will continue to update as I get updates and review them.

Jigging for Cisco and whitefish has also stay productive in the areas that I have previously posted. Read down below at the other days.

The ice has formed and is holding around the lake. It may be just enough to be thick enough to get past the storm that is coming in this weekend. The Rockpile is frozen over but not even close enough to walk out on so DON'T TRY IT! If it holds it may be possible, for the desperate anyway, to access it by Saturday. I will keep posting with more info.

The ice off of Cisco beach started to stack up out in deeper water. It is getting thicker over there but still a little sketchy so use caution.

I went out last night from 6-11pm. It wasn't worth it but it was fun if nothing else. The fishing wasn't any good but watching the moon come up at 9:30pm was AWESOME! Look for the moon phase to simmer down and the best fishing to be the best this weekend all of next week.

Good luck and keep me posted!

January 26, 2016
FBL - 01/26/16

The Cisco, on the shoreline, has really taken a huge drop off. Usually we see more until at least the coming weekend but things don't look promising going forward. This morning at 8AM I had some reply back that they seen just a few fish. Can this be because of the full moon? I am not sure but I know it doesn't help. For those that wanted to come back this weekend and dip net a few I should say it will not be a good choice!

Fishing for trout, whitefish, and Cisco has also been OK but nothing fantastic. For those of you that have been around, you recognize this and plan on waiting for another week in hopes that the trout fishing will pick up. That is true it will pick up and that should be about the middle of February. Don't let that be the reason you still don't come out and try though because you never know when we may lose our ice fishing.

The ice is still forming and with the extra cold temps last night it continued to do so. I see a bunch of open water but that is water that has a thin layer of ice on it. The chance that the lake will freeze over entirely isn't out of the question.

The fishing is still good off of the Pump House, 1st Point, and along the west side near the Rest Area. During the day that ice isn't popping and making sounds so that means it isn't getting thicker so be careful if you take out a sled. It can be very misleading out there so use caution.

I am still open on Fridays and Saturdays. If you need anything in the mean time please feel free to contact me and I will make arrangements to meet you down there. Best of luck to everyone and keep sending me your reports with pictures!

FBL - 01/23/16

Fishing yesterday posted great reviews. Anglers catching lake trout up to 20 pounds, limiting out on Cisco in just minutes, whitefish in several weight and sizes as well as those that understand the good part about fishing and getting away from the crowds caught great limits of cutthroats. Remember it is up to us as anglers to keep our fishery in check so take photos and release those trout that you catch. Keep the Cisco and Whitefish but those cutthroats and lake trout need another day out there or we will find it hard to catch many, especially the lake trout, because our numbers are dwindling and the numbers that are replanted back in the lake are 12-14k a year. These trout are triploids and so they cannot reproduce nor can they live longer than about 15-20 years. Do your part to preserve our treasury of a lake and fish that are found on in one place in the entire world...#BEARLAKE

Cisco Disco, Polar Plunge, and Chili Cook off are all going on today. Please check out this website for more information " Bear Lake Monster Winter Fest Click here

Keep on fishing anglers and if the numbers of fisherman are too much and your kids want a change go to the Garden City Pond or the Laketown Reservoir. These places have plenty of ice and plenty of fish to make everyone happy. It is best if you have an auger, ice skimmer, ice flies, small tube jigs, meal worms, night crawlers, and of course rod and reel! Best of luck and keep sending me videos and photos. If you don't want them to be sent to any website files just let me know and I will totally respect your privacy!

Darin Pugmire 435-757-9430

Fri/Sat/Sun – January 22-24, 2016
Scott Tolentino - 01/22/16

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report (with UPDATED ICE CONDITIONS):

The Bonneville Cisco run is in full swing and anglers are easily dip netting limits of Cisco through about 3-5" of ice at Cisco Beach. The run typically begins just before daybreak (7am) and goes until about 9am or sometimes even later into the day. It has been taking only about 10-15 minutes to dip net a limit of 30 fish. They are even picking up a few cisco dip netting from shore at the marina in the early mornings. There is a lot of open water in the middle of the lake, but the ice should last at least through the weekend. However, one big wind storm and it will be gone in about an hour. This Saturday 1/23/16 is the annual “cisco disco”. The State Parks & Chamber of Commerces is also sponsoring a Polar Plunge ($30 and you get a free sweatshirt & all proceeds go to the Common Ground group that helps children and adults with disabilities) at the State Park marina at noon that day. Also, there will be a Dutch oven chili cookoff at the marina and a "biggest cisco" contest for kids. There is a website with all of the information:

The only place anglers can now launch a small boat is from shore near the Gus Rich Point area. They are accessing the rockpile from this location from boats. The rest of the lake is ice covered and ice anglers are doing very well for Cutthroat Trout, Whitefish and Lake Trout. Ice thickness varies from 2-5”, but the south end of the lake has the best ice conditions with 5-7” of ice. Fishing off the weedbeds in 17-30 feet of water south of Gus Rich Point and along the east side at the pump house and First Point has been the best spots. They are also catching limits of Cisco along these weed beds and off the pump house. Use jigging spoons such as castmasters for snagging cisco. You can catch whitefish using small jigs, small jigging spoons and ice flys. Tip your lure with a small piece of worm, wax worm or salmon egg. Larger jigs and jigging spoons tipped with Cisco, worms or sucker meat are working the best for the trout. Please remember, all Cutthroat Trout that are caught and don’t have a healed fin clip must be released.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond:

The pond is frozen at this time and the ice is up to 8” thick. Fishing has been excellent for Rainbow Trout using a ice flys and small jigs tipped with worms or meal worms. The parking lot has been plowed. It is a great place to take kids and beginners to learn how to ice fish!

Laketown Reservoir:

Laketown Reservoir is also frozen at this time and the ice is about 8” thick. Ice fishing has been very good for Rainbow Trout and a few Cutthroat Trout using small jigs or ice flies tipped with a worm or meal worm. Access to this reservoir is only by 4 wheel drive vehicles due to snow and if there is another large snowfall, so you may need a snowmobile or snowshoes to hike in to this water.