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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

January 21, 2106
FBL - 01/21/16

The Cisco Disco is this coming Saturday. We will see a lot of fisherman, Polar Plungers, and Chili experts here in the valley. Don't get caught up thinking you have to be on the water at 6am-9am. These Cisco are coming in all day long. Just got back and could have dipped several limits and that was at 12:30pm. However to ease this I am going to be in my shop tomorrow at 7am and then on Saturday I will be down there at 6am. I went through my custom Cisco Nets and was able to expedite 16 more to come in tomorrow. I will have them available at a first come first serve basis. These 8' octagon handled nets with 3 extensions are sold at $58 a piece. I go through several a year but I have had more of a call for them this year. Most of that is through those who have already purchased them and word of mouth. Anyway I am trying hard to get enough in stock so everyone that wants may get them.

Good luck to all of you who are coming to fish, polar plunge, and eat chili! Be safe and careful while driving up and remember you can't be too late because the CISCO ARE IN ALL DAY LONG!

Please take the time to fill out this survey up above. It helps a ton with getting very important information back so I can take these to the different states and try to get more funding for this wonderful fishing lake.

January 20th, 2016
FBL - 01/20/16

The trout fishing really slowed down the past 2 days. The Cisco are in so heavy that it makes it tough to compete as you have a 1 and 100,000 chance of enticing the trout to take your jig. However, if you get off of the weed-beds and move out into deeper water, that is where you will have a chance to catch the trout. Pump House and 1st Point area would be in the 72' range. West Side would be around 65'. Use tube jigs tipped with some Cisco and you shouldn't have any problem catching a few. Also because you can fish with 2 rods, with a Utah License, you should put down another one but I would suggest the whole Cisco with a sliding sinker split off with a swivel 12" above the Cisco and then open up your bell on your reel and let the trout run with that Cisco for at least a couple if not 3 runs. At that time the trout has taken the whole Cisco into its belly and all you need to do is set your drag and bring it in. Remember if you happen to catch a trout and you are going to release it and or you have to release it, no worries just cut the line off and release it back to the water. They can and will survive by doing this. Always use gentle care when doing this so that fish can be returned safely and effectively.

Fishing for the whitefish has still been good in shallow. They are in feeding on the Cisco eggs so to have a better chance at catching them make sure you use an ice fly as a dropper above your bottom lure about 12-18". Tip with a night crawler or a meal worm and that will usually help you to catch those monster whitefish, reaching up to 24" and over 4lbs!

The lake was a little turbulent over the night but it didn't take away the ice that is already in the locations that I have spoken of. The Cisco Beach area is also still frozen but use that area for in shallow dip netting for Cisco. Be careful if you decide to venture out deep to fish for trout. The ice is plenty thick so don't worry about that. A lot of holes will be open but you may want to bring your own ax or chainsaw so you can open up your own holes. If you are not seeing Cisco in a certain hole that doesn't mean that they are not in, it only means you are in the wrong place. I wouldn't go deeper than 4'. Last time it froze me and my family caught them in 2' of water!

I did report on social media that I got in 16 more 8' custom Cisco nets. I am already down to 12 of them so if you happen to want one for the weekend you need to call me so I can make sure you get one. I am sure I will have a few when you come for the weekend and I am going to be open on Friday at 7AM and Saturday at 6AM. If you want me there earlier than that you will have to ping me on my mobile do set up a time 435-757-9430

Good luck guys and gals and don't forget the Polar Plunge as well. That will be held at the Marina. Also a Chili cook off that will be going on as well.

Great News
FBL - 01/19/16

GREAT NEWS – the ice didn’t get pushed off of Cisco Beach and so that has allowed anglers to catch Cisco off of the ice yesterday! This is a great trend and it looks like now that the ice is holding up and the Cisco are starting to come to the shore. Today would be a great day to get up or get out and go and catch your limit! Be careful and don’t get in water deeper than 6’. They will come in just take your ax and your Cisco net and enjoy this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday celebration with a bang!

The Pump House as well as the West Side down closer to the Rest Area have been AWESOME fishing. The ice is plenty thick at now close to 4” but I still wouldn’t take out anything motorized yet. You don’t have to walk far so do just that WALK! The depths are still in the 21’-32’ range and not only could you catch your limit of Cisco but catch whitefish, cutthroats, and lake trout as well. Same scenario as before but I would add some Swedish Pimples to my list of lures you would want to be using. 3”-8” tube jigs are also a great thing and once you have caught your live Cisco use that on that other pole to set up for a big trout while you are using your other pole to keep catching Cisco. Those guys that were using the big tubes were still even catching whitefish on them…got to love this time of year!

If you want to bring your boat, make sure it is a small boat, and make sure that you have your quagga muscle certificate filled out and your access from the Stake Parks as well, and try launching off of Spinnaker Point. The ice off of the Rockpile doesn't look favorable though so take your chances if you want to. I recommend not doing that just bring the equipment to ice fish.

I am open today until 3-4pm. I only have 3 Cisco nets left for the season. I have everything else you need as well as augers and all the lures and tube jigs. I also rent the hand augers if you don't want to buy them. Cost for the hand auger rental is $15 a day.


For Sunday and Monday, January 17 and 18, 2016
Scott Tolentino (Utah DNR) - 01/17/16

Bear Lake Fishing Report (with UPDATED ICE CONDITIONS):

Bear Lake keeps trying to freeze over but the wind keeps playing havoc with those attempts. There is still some open water on the lake, but the only place anglers can now launch a boat is from shore near the Gus Rich Point area. They are accessing the Rockpile from this location from boats. The rest of the lake is ice covered and ice anglers are doing very well for Cutthroat Trout, Whitefish and Lake Trout. Ice thickness varies from 2-5", but the south end of the lake has the best ice conditions with 4-6" of ice. Fishing off the weed beds in 17-30 feet of water south of Gus Rich Point and along the east side at the pump house and First Point has been the best spots. They are catching limits of Cisco along these weed beds and off the pump house. Use jigging spoons such as Kastmasters for snagging Cisco. You can catch whitefish using small jigs and ice flies. Tip your lure with a small piece of worm, wax worm or salmon egg. Larger jigs tipped with Cisco, worms or sucker meat are working the best for the trout. Please remember, all Cutthroat Trout that are caught and don't have a healed fin clip must be released.

As far as the Cisco run goes, today was the first day that anglers we able to dip net some Cisco along Cisco Beach. The ice in this location is about 2-3" thick, but in areas it is shelved-up. We did not see any limits of fish dipped and the Cisco are typically skittish at the beginning of the run. If you are coming up on the holiday to dip net Cisco, bring something to chop a hole and preferably waders or waterproof rubber boots. Also, it is wise to bring a fishing rod with either a spoon or large jig without a hook to attract the fish into the net. Remember to pay close attention to the daily limit of 30 fish. This will be strictly enforced.

The annual Cisco Disco is scheduled for Saturday, January 23rd and there will also be a Polar Plunge, biggest Cisco contest, and chili cook off at the Utah State Park marina later in the morning.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond:

The pond is frozen at this time and the ice is up to 8" thick. Fishing has been excellent for Rainbow Trout using an ice fly and small jigs tipped with worms or meal worms. The parking lot has been plowed. It is a great place to take kids and beginners to learn how to ice fish.

Laketown Reservoir is also frozen at this time and the ice is about 8" thick. Ice fishing has been good for Rainbow Trout and a few Cutthroat Trout using small jigs or ice flies tipped with a worm or meal worm. Access to this reservoir is only by 4-wheel drive vehicles due to snow and if there is another large snowfall, so you may need a snowmobile or snowshoes to hike in to this water.

January 15, 2016
FBL - 01/15/16

Well it is a sad day but the lake has broken up and the ice is scattered around the lake. We have several feet of ice that is pushed up along Cisco Beach so we hope that by next week it has pulled it back off of the shore so it won't be such a burden to catch the Cisco from the shoreline.

We have a guy that is out on the Rockpile today by boat and is doing really well. Most fisherman wouldn't go to this effort but these guys did. They only have a small boat so they could push it out on the ice until they hit the waters edge. They spent several hours getting out and getting off but they enjoyed it so good on them.

The Cisco are in heavy for jigging and the guys in the boat off the Rockpile did well. They also did well from the west side of the lake close to the Rest Area. The Pump House has 3"+ of ice but not too far out and you have open water. They have been catching Cisco with Kastmaster's on the bottom in the weed bed at and around 24'-32'. The whitefish and the lake trout and cutthroats have also been being caught. They have done best by using ice flies stubbed up 18" above the lure or jig about that you are using on the bottom. Be careful if you do go out and don't take any machinery on the ice yet. You need a minimum of 4", I recommend 5" before doing so because with the lake not being capped over you have a chance that it will split while you are out there and you will end up on an island.

The wind is very minimal today so even though the ice will shift and move it won't be a bad thing. It doesn't look like you will have enough ice to dip net Cisco off of so make sure you come prepared. You don't need chest waders! You don't need to get out into that depth of water to catch the trout unless the water is super choppy. I don't even use waders or even get wet! All you have to do is look for the "reds" and then step back away from the shoreline with some UV glasses and watch and see where the Cisco are coming in. Then step up and kneel down and set your net into the water and then lift when they come under your net. If you have a long rod or you want to help bring the fish into your area have a buddy help you by jigging a small gold or any other colored Kastmaster, without a hook, and that will give you better chances as well. These Cisco don't just show up in the morning. It is best from 7am-9am but if you want to get your headlamps on and come at 4am you will still catch some but I think it isn't even worth that. Perhaps that is because I live here and have done it for 40 years but anyway to each his or her own.

I have a few more of the octagon Cisco nets but most are calling and buying them now so I don't run out before they get here. No you cannot find these anywhere else but you can buy some regular round Cisco nets in a variety of shops but you will get what you pay for. I have done this long enough and I hate to keep having to sale a net to someone each year because they are only good for one year when you buy those types. I am here to help so just let me know what I can do to help facilitate your experience while in and around Bear Lake.

Good luck to all of you. Be careful to all of you as well. I will be here next week on Saturday at 6am. Friday I won't be in until 7am. If you want to meet earlier or on another day, minus Sunday, I will be more than happy to accommodate you are your schedule. Thanks again for all you do for the upkeep of Bear Lake and for your business. It really does mean a lot to me and my family.

Darin Pugmire
MOBILE: 435-757-9430
SHOP: 435-946-2855

January 14, 2016 7:45am
FBL - 01/14/16

Well cisco and ice fisherman/women followers I have good news and then some OK news. The good news is the lake is still frozen over…or should I stay partly frozen over. Fisherman were able to get out off of the Pump House and the west side yesterday with ice only being 2"-. With that being said they were able to catch a few trout but they caught some nice Cisco as well!!!

Off of the Cisco Beach area yesterday we had ½" of ice. Looking today I can still see some areas from South Eden and then North that are some open water. Most are not along the shore but out into the lake. That is disturbing because of the change of the wind getting strong enough to push off all of the ice. The small storm that we are getting up here isn’t bringing much wind, as of yet, so cross your fingers so that the ice we now have, we will still have tomorrow morning.

The Rockpile isn’t safe to get off of right now. I could see a small layer of ice that had broken up yesterday so some may be safe but going out you would have over 400’ of sketchy ice you would have to go over. As of right now if you did happen to get over it you might not get back off because with the small amount of wind that we are receiving you could see it split open while you were out there and you wouldn’t have any way off of the lake besides walking over 5 miles to do so.

With the few Cisco being caught the answer about the coming into shore is a no. They haven’t shown up yet and with the small amount of ice on the edges where they might be coming in you cannot go out and cut a hole and fish for them by dip netting. I am guessing, so don't assume, but by Saturday we could have enough ice off of Cisco Beach to at least go out into 6’ max of water and cut a hole and watch to see if you can find any Cisco that are coming through. With this wind and the small amount going into tonight I will update another post about it. I am keeping my previous posts in so you have an idea with date and time of how the ice is forming on the water.

Fishing off of the Garden City pond and the Laketown Reservoir have been stellar! Great fishing and plenty of ice to make it safe for all ages. I am still open on Friday’s as well as Saturday’s and I can come down anytime in the middle of the week as well. This weekend I will be in earlier if the ice is still strong enough to hold a few ice fishermen. Remember with the ice only being 2” you need to stay about 20’ away from each other and don’t plan on brining anything too expensive just in case. Make sure you bring ice picks with you in case of something going wrong and you have to get out because that is really the only way to do it once you have fallen through the ice. Best to always fish with someone and never go out on this lake alone because I have had several people that haven’t made it back, both those in boats as well as those EARLY ice fishermen!

Best of luck you all and make sure if you need Cisco Nets you call and get them paid for because I will go through them very quickly moving forward. As for Kastmasters don’t go and spend $6 on them. I have 1/2oz up to 3oz with the 3oz only costing $6.50!

January 11th, 11am 2016
FBL - 01/11/16

Just posted this page this morning at 9am. Now the lake as far as I can see looks ice capped! Down by the marina looks like some patchy open water but nearly 80% frozen over! This could change but with this cold temps last night in the below 0 category it really is helping!

Fishing on Bear Lake this past week was not an easy system. The anglers that made it out did very well but their efforts helped that out. I am sure you that follow social media seen anglers catching some huge cutthroats and lake trout but so you don't all feel bad that you were unable to make it out you need to know that it took them several hours to get in and off of the lake. The efforts were probably worth it but for me I stayed home until the weather makes things a lot easier that this past week.

The majority of the ice that formed over this past week got pushed to the south end of the lake. That is because of the storm front that came through out of the north. That may be good for you anglers that want to try ice fishing but I still recommend you use EXTREME caution before going out on the lake down at the Pump House and along the west side of the lake. In my book I won't try it until around midweek and if the ice hasn't shifted off of the south it may be stable enough in CERTAIN areas. Those areas will have to be addressed as you come up and take the time to decide where you would like to explore.

Yesterday, with the ice pushing off most of the east and center of the lake, we had one avid angler that launched from the east side and came and trolled off of the RockPile. I am sure he did well but I never hear from this gentleman so will just assume. I am more an jigging type of angler myself though but to each their own.

The fishing on the lake will continue to be GREAT this week but it will slowly start to get more difficult because the trout that have been being caught are all stuffed full of Cisco. I haven't heard that anyone has caught any Cisco yet while jigging but that should change up this week weather permitting. If you do happen to get out and are catching Cisco from boat, please let me know. I won't share your secret but I like to document this to keep tracking the patterns going forward.

I need to send out a huge thank you to all of your valued customers and friends that have continued to keep my business operating over the past 15 years. I do try to keep things in perspective and I try to make it worth your while to shop at my store. Outside of the best priced and design of Kastmasters, tube jigs, and other jigging spoons I have ice hand augers, ice flies and about anything else you may need while in the Bear Lake valley. My cisco nets are still unpresented and cannot be beat. I don't buy the cheap cisco nets. I have mine specially made to allow you multiple years of use while not having to improvise each dip with net handles that keep on bending!

Once again keep on fishing and keep on enjoying our beautiful surroundings because we are blessed to have such a fishery in our area. The cisco hasn't started to run, nor have they shored up in enough numbers to be jigged from boat. Plan on this changing this week as every fish being caught it chuck full of these little critter's. From shore don't plan on this until around the middle of next week and that will be very slim numbers. If they happen to change all odds, like the big power ball ticket, 1 in 265mil, I will let you know. The chances are as slim as you being that lucky billionaire!

I will update my website as much as possible and I will keep everyone notified when I see changes!