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Temp at Lake Edge: 41.4 °F     Current Wind: E at 0.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 67.3 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 41.4 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

Darin - 09/02/17

Fishing on bear lake has started to pick up. With the water temperatures starting to cool down a little bit it has pushed the trout to come in from the deeper waters and to start to feed a little more.

Depths & Locations:
70-80' should be your target depths.
Early morning from 6am-8am I would start in around 60-70'.
- Cisco Beac / Rainbow Cove
- 2nd Point / Aquatics Camp
- Rock Pile/Gus Rich Point / Spinnaker Point
- Marina / Swan Creek
- Ledges / North Eden

As you jig in the early mornings make sure to give it a chance in the area that you pick. I would hold for at least 30 minutes and have some patience. If you have not seen any fish in this amount of time the. Look to try changes depths by 20'.

Always tip your heads with some soccer meet. If you do not have soccer me make sure use some worms.

Should start to turn to a little bit of light gold, blues, silvers, as the JB Special design.

Well and start to troll make sure you have the four different depths in the water column covered.
- Top Water: 5-10' Column
- Thermalcline: 30-40'
- Current Line: 50-60'
- Bottom: 3-5' from the bottom

Stop in or call if I can be of any more assistance. Let's get you out there catching some fish and please note that the fishing will only get better from here on out.

Have a great Labor Day and enjoy your weekend and SEND ME SOME PICTURES!

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report:
Scott Tolentino - 08/18/17

Bear Lake is basically at full capacity and boat launching is possible at all ramps on the Utah and Idaho sides of the lake. This includes the Bear Lake State Park marina, 1st Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps in Utah AND at the East Shore State Park and North Beach in Idaho. Water temperature is 73 degrees.

Anglers have been doing fair for Cutthroat Trout by trolling minnow type lures and flatfish in 65-85’ of water. We sampled the lake recently and found the majority of Cuttrhoat Trout and Lake Trout in 85’-170’ of water. The highest concentrations of fish were off the east side. One interesting method to try is troll in the early mornings, before the sun comes up, off the mouths of North Eden and South Eden canyons. Troll chartreuse or green colored minnow-type lures on flat lines 100’ or more behind your boat. Even though the water is warm, in the early morning the canyon breezes sweep grass hoppers out onto the surface of the water where they are fed on by Cutthroat Trout. Sometimes fishing can be fast and furious. Later in the day use downriggers to get your line down within 5’ or so of the bottom and pay attention to your sonar unit. If you see fish continue to troll in that same area. If you are not seeing any fish, then move deeper. Use larger minnow-type lures and flatfish. Good spots are off Cisco Beach, 2nd Point and off the two canyon mouths mentioned above.

Remember the Trout limit is two fish. Cutthroat Trout with a fin clip may be kept; Cutthroat Trout with all fins intact must be immediately released. Large Lake Trout take a long time to reach large sizes, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond
The pond is full has been stocked several times this summer with Rainbow Trout and some Cutthroat Trout. The self-service creek cards show that anglers are still catching fish. Try flies behind a bubble, small jigs, or just a worm under a bobber. You can also try powerbait and marshmallows for bait too.

Laketown Reservoir
Laketown Reservoir is full has also been stocked with Rainbow Trout and a few Cutthroat Trout. Fishing with bait, small spinners, or flys behind a bubble are working the best. Remember, please pack out all trash at this reservoir since there are no receptacles available. Access to this reservoir is dependent upon the anglers taking care of it.

Little Creek (Randolph) Reservoir
The water level is lower and it is about 50% capacity. Fish have been observed rising to insects on the surface but there has been low fishing pressure. Anglers typical have good luck using wooly buggers behind a bubble and still fishing with worms and powerbait.

First Week of August :)
Darin - 07/31/17

Well it has been a long month this July however the fishing hasn't been too bad. Some anglers have boated several sizes of trout from cutthroats up to 8 lbs and some lake trout up around 17lb.

The fishing will continue to only pick up going into this next month. The trout are hungry and the boaters are making them upset so they like to make sure they are away from all of that noise. So the ticket is to go to areas where you don't run into a million boaters and jets skiers. This sometimes isn't the easiest but it can easily be done with a 112sq mile lake on your side :)

Most posts, as you have seen, are showing up catching fish out in deeper waters. To start out I would like to share 4 depths that you should all be trying to fish.

1 - Top water = top 10'
2 - Thermacline = 30'- 40'
3 - Current Line = 55'- 65'
4 - Bottom = 5'- 7' from the bottom

The depths that you want to look at would be from 60-80' in the earlier morning and then from 90-120'. In these depths are both cutthroat as well as lake trout so fish accordingly. The lake trout are mostly caught on the bottom and some suspended in the "current" depths.

Best locations would be out in front of State Marina and north out in front of Swan Creek.
Cisco Beach / Rainbow Cove areas - 1st & 2nd Point.

Don't forget to try some jigging in the morning hours. I would make sure you use this technique because sometimes that is the best bite of the day.

If you use an iPilot or if you like to drift jig please do so, especially off of areas where you find ledges. If the ledge is at least a 5' drop you will always find trout holding in those areas to feed. Those areas are great off of Rock Pile, or actually just east of it, 2nd Point, or actually just north of it, along with several other spots. Use your sonar to help yo find those points and then make sure you mark them so you can have that be a spot to try again and again.

Keep me updated by using your own reports on this site as well as posting some bragging right! I will upload them usually within an hour but if not make sure you text me indicating that you have uploaded a fishing report and I will jump right on it.

Thanks again everyone for all you do for making this lake big, blue and deep and keep everything the way you found it...or better yet even better!


#bearlake #pugstones #fishingbearlake
Marvin Spidle - 07/31/17

Fished the east side July 29th and 30th. Started in 70 feet with top lines at 35. Put one small laker and six small cutts in the boat on the 29th. Finished the day in 110 feet but only had one missed hit out deep. Started the 30th in the 80 foot depth but fishing was slow so we moved out to 110. Boat two small cutts and two lakers. One around five pounds and this nice beauty. Overall not a bad two days for the end of July. Water is cleaning up quite nicely so I'm thinking things will only get better!

July 16th,2017
Scott - 07/16/17

fished east side between north and south eden Saturday 4 pm to 9 pm caught 2 native cuts one 26" and 9 1/2# and 25" didnt weight him both fish very healthy also one small mac and small clipped fin cut 60 to 80' 2.5 mph rainbow colored Rapalas Natives and mac all released to catch again

June 17th,2017
Brandt Larsen - 06/17/17

Fun time fishing the derby! Caught more lake trout than cutthroat! Next time I'll probably catch cutthroat during the lake trout derby! Always fun to fish this lake you never know what you might catch! Caught the lakers down deep.

Fishing Derby Report
Darin - 06/17/17

Tough derby with all of the debri that is out on the lake. Unexpectly the cutthroats that ended up being caught where the smallest I have ever seen caught on this lake. We had one come in at a little over 11 inches one that was not even entered that came in at 8 inches and three more that came in under 16 inches. The longest cutthroat trout came in at 24-1/2" with a 22-1/2" and two 21-1/2" trout coming in second and third.

The weather of course was not permitting some anglers to stay out on the lake. Cutthroat trout were caught in several depths and marked in several depths with a few huge lake trout being caught.

There is still a lot of debris floating out in this lake and will be continuously for over a month. The water is coming in out of Mud Lake at 2300 CFS and is expected to continue to rise until the end of July. We should come in close to about 6 inches below full.

I wanted to think those sponsors who helped with the raffle and I will post most of that on social media for the recognition as well as those who have won the Derby. Thanks again for all of you that entered and came out to enjoy the fun time on Bear Lake and I look forward to our next fishing derby which will be on November 3-4th, 2017.

Derrick Gallegos
- 1st place 24.25"
- $378
Jason Christiansen
- 2nd Place 22"
- $189
Brandt Larsen
Brandon Merritt
- 3rd Place Tie
- $31.50 each

Dillon Rich
- $25 Gift Card ZIPZ

Jason Christiansen
- $25 Gift Card ZIPZ

John Gibbs:
- $50 Gift Card
The Bear Trapper
Bear Lake Pizza
The Chocolate Bear Gift Shop

Spencer Wild
- Renegade Raceway GoCart Pass

Josh Worthen
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Rich Wolkins
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CLOSED: Sunday's

DARIN - 06/05/17

The cutthroat spawn was one of those years! The fast moving water and the huge influx of water made for water temps that pushed it a little cooler than the past several years. With that the spawn seemed to last a little longer than usual. The trout that have been caught have still been in several different depths and that will remain during the summer months as the water has already come up 10' from the previous year....10'??? Yes that is crazy but with that huge influx of water it has driven the water table into those rocky areas where we haven't seen it in 6 years! Back in 2011 it also came within 2-1/2' from full capacity and with that came a better fishery. It will take a couple of years to see the numbers go back up in regards to our trout numbers increasing but as you all know we really needed that to happen!

The lake trout are still out in some deep water. Also they have been caught in some shallow water as well. Why is that...well the suckers are still spawning but they are just about wrapped up. When this happens not only do the pelicans stick around and feed off of them but so do those bigger lake trout. As you read the previous reports to mine...and please will find out that they have been caught in deep water and in suspended water as well. You will see that this will remain this way over the next week or so as well.

Those fisherman that have been trolling have seen an increase in their lines getting hung up on all of that floating debris that is out in the lake. That floating debris is two fold...first is comes from the water that is being pushed or drawn in from Mud Lake, Swan Creek, St Charles Creek (small and long arms), Big Creek and then off course the main source is from all of that, once was beach that we had along with those weed patches. These weeds are now being ripped from the sand and are now started to float around the lake. By majority they they are coming into shorelines and along the banks of the lake but you will find that these weeds will be hanging around out there for several more weeks. The worst thing about them would be the way that they hang up on your downrigger cable, fishing lines and your lures. Make sure you check your lures at least every 10 minutes making sure that you haven't got them hung up on your lures because obviously your won't catch fish like that!

The trout seem to be pretty healthy right now. Those female cutthroat that have just spawned out not so because they a little sick but everything else seems to be looking really good. Those lake trout that have been caught also seem to be healthy and that is due to the food source that they are having. The locations for catching the trout are in several areas and will be for the next couple of weeks. I would look for those rocky outcroppings or points to be a big draw for the trout. Also along the shorelines where the, once was beach areas are not covered up and the water is now into the rocks. I have seen several fisherman working along the south west side of the lake fishing from shore. I even rented out a kayak to a gentlemen that went out and caught himself a few trout and that was also where he was fishing as well. The south east side of the lake down by 1st point to the Pump House and then to South Eden would also be good for fisherman to try from shore as well. Obviously those with boats would find this to be a great point of interest as well.

The inlets are still going to produce fish but remember that they do not open up until the 2nd Saturday in July so make sure you stay 300' away from the waters edge or stay behind the bouys that are out in front of Swan Creek. The tributaries of St Charles and anything on the Idaho side open up on July 1st!

OK - I am still wanting to get that derby for the cutthroat trout up and running. I have been a little tentative in pushing this along because of the colder water temps and all of those weeds floating but I believe now is the time. I will be starting that derby on JUNE 16th-17th. Please share this with as many as you can and look at my Facebooks Pages as well for some more details. We will be doing cutthroat only with some drawings for some prices as well. Thanks for all of your patience and lets make this event a fund and entertaining one as well....remember that this tournament can only be fished on Utah Proper. You will be unable to fish across the state line if and when you enter this derby!

Our store hours are open from 9-5pm Monday/Thursday and 8am-7pm Friday/Saturdays. If you need anything from Monday - Saturday and I am not open please just call me or email me and I will set up a time to meet you down here at your convenience.

Good luck to all of you fisherman out here. The fishing isn't going to be something where you come out and catch 12+ every time but the chances of your catching fish should be worth coming out and trying your luck. Bank fisherman, don't think that you don't have a chance because you do this year!

Keep me updated and informed on your fishing experiences. Post your report here and we can all benefit from it. Best of luck and keep your lines wet!


June 4th,2017
Chris walley - 06/04/17

Saturday June 3rd. My wife and I put the boat in the water for the first time this year. What a day for a ride. I had planned on trolling around for just a couple of hours just to make sure all equipment was working properly. We turned north out of the marina. We were marking fish at 60 feet right away but no luck. So we went closer to shore for a bit. Still no luck. I decided to head out deep and try. That's when things started to happen. 60 feet again, we hooked up this laker. Just shy of 35 inches, great fight. Once we got this hog back in the water we hit again, this time only about 30 feet down. A nice cutthroat 23 inches on that one. Unfortunately our time had ran out and we headed back. Both fish were caught on rapala the laker was a wierd bright blue one and the cut on a rainbow. 2.5 miles an hour.

Austin Rayfield - 05/26/17

Fished the east side on May 13th. Started trolling with no luck between 40-60 feet down (no down riggers). Switched to bouncing the bottom with a white tube jig tipped with sucker meat. Caught this guy as we bounced bottom on the rocks drifting about 100 yards of the bank. This was the only fish landed this morning, though we did have another on trolling back.