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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

June 4th,2017
Chris walley - 06/04/17

Saturday June 3rd. My wife and I put the boat in the water for the first time this year. What a day for a ride. I had planned on trolling around for just a couple of hours just to make sure all equipment was working properly. We turned north out of the marina. We were marking fish at 60 feet right away but no luck. So we went closer to shore for a bit. Still no luck. I decided to head out deep and try. That's when things started to happen. 60 feet again, we hooked up this laker. Just shy of 35 inches, great fight. Once we got this hog back in the water we hit again, this time only about 30 feet down. A nice cutthroat 23 inches on that one. Unfortunately our time had ran out and we headed back. Both fish were caught on rapala the laker was a wierd bright blue one and the cut on a rainbow. 2.5 miles an hour.

Austin Rayfield - 05/26/17

Fished the east side on May 13th. Started trolling with no luck between 40-60 feet down (no down riggers). Switched to bouncing the bottom with a white tube jig tipped with sucker meat. Caught this guy as we bounced bottom on the rocks drifting about 100 yards of the bank. This was the only fish landed this morning, though we did have another on trolling back.

Lake Trout Mania
Carl - 05/22/17

Working real hard trying to get this one to hand....what a day on Big Blue

Influx of water
Darin - 05/21/17

Well I haven't posted a report for sometime now because the water temps and the fishing hasn't been in the anglers favor. Now with the reports that were listed below mine it seems like we are starting to see some changes finally happening. The huge influx of water was making the water very difficult to troll with success. The cold weather temps also were not in our favor. Now with the water temps rising and the murky waters starting to subside the fishing will continue to pick up. I am not saying that the water is not coming into the lake because it will still rise another 3' within the next month but it isn't as murky now.

The locations for best fishing haven't changed but don't forget in shallow can also be very good. Off of the Points are great and along the Edens as well. The suckers are spawning still so you may hook into a big lake trout in feeding off of them. Make sure you have an 8# test minimum while fishing from shore so that you don't lose a big linker. Also have a reel big enough to handle a large trout as well.

Color patterns are in several categories depending on your target trout. Chartreuse, yellow, red, orange, and silvers and golds are the choice for Cutthroat. Lake trout will be similar but I would move more towards blues and silvers and whites and yellows and blacks. Tip your tube jigs and don't worry if you don't have Cisco use sucker meat!

Best of luck!

I posted a report about doing a FISHING DERBY on my last posts. I didn't see too many that responded so if you read this please pass this along to other anglers who may be interested. I have moved the date again and I am shooting for June 16-17th. It will be a Cutthroat derby only and it will be a catch and release. Costs will be $35 for a single, $65 for a double and $100 for a foursome. This is a cash return derby so 1st place takes home 60%, 2nd Place takes home 30% and 3rd Place 10% of all money that is brought in. Fish will be measured by the quarter inch using a smart phone of either Verizon or AT&T because that is best service. You will need to register for this tourney and if we still have more availability you can register the day of the event. You can fish from a boat or from shore or a dingy or an SUP or is your choice. Please pass this word around and let's get enough involved to make it huge money back return for all contestants.

May 20th,2017
Marvin spidle - 05/20/17

Trolled around Cisco today and boated 7 small cutts and one small laker. Perfect weather day! We even picked up a double trolling. 2.5 miles per hour was the magic speed and 6 of the 8 came in the 30 to 40 foot range on our stacker lines

Lake Trout Suspeneded
Josh Borg - 05/18/17

Saturday 5/13 Was a good day.Caught this 15 lb Laker Suspended in 65 feet of water, trolling a kwik fish..


Flyfishing Bear Lake
David Hawkins - 05/05/17

This is a Mac caught May 3 on a 6-wt flyrod in 25 ft water.

CISCO SONAR - Bear Lake Sculpin
Bryce Neilson - 05/01/17

By Bryce Neilson, The Cisco Sonar

Bear Lake is once again covering the rocks along the shore with water. This will provide much needed spawning habitat for one of the endemic species.

The Bear Lake sculpin (Cottus extensis) during most of the year are scattered throughout the lake on the bottom feeding on midge larvae, nematodes, stray eggs or anything else they can consume. In early April, they begin to migrate towards shore. They are poor swimmers and only move in short bursts. They are the most highly evolved fish in the lake and most of their cousins are marine (ocean) species. They do not have scales but have a large well developed head and pectoral (front) fins. They are characterized by opercle (cheek) spines and brilliant blue eyes, the same color as Bear Lake. The adults average three to four inches but rarely exceed six inches.

They also have another unique characteristic. They are the chameleons of the lake. Depending on what color the lake bottom is from white to dark, they will change color to blend in with it. If it is all one color they will mimic it. If there are gravels, they will be splotchy. This adaptive characteristic allows them to hide in depressions suckers make when they are feeding.

During spawning, they swim across the lake to find rocks to attach egg masses to. The males stake out their territory under flat rocks and entice the females with the best spawning habitat. Typically, the larger the male, the bigger the rock. As the two fish invert, the female deposits a sticky patch of about 400 eggs on the bottom of the rock and the male fertilizes them. The female then swims off leaving the male to protect the egg mass until they hatch. He fans the eggs with his pectoral fins to keep the silt off and oxygenate them while protecting them from crayfish and other egg predators.

Our observations would indicate that the hatching of the eggs is keyed to agitation. The spawning areas(rock covered bottoms) are limited to the east and western shores. When the spring storms arrive, the crashing waves trigger hatch. The larval fish are dispersed in the epilimnion (upper water column) and are spread throughout the lake. After they absorb their yolk sack and need to feed they drop to the bottom and being their existence. This evolutionary trait scatters out the newly hatched fish over a wide area and not just in the nursery area where competition for resources would be limited. The adult sculpin then go back to their solitary ways in the depths

Darin - 04/26/17

The lake has been a little iffy for most anglers during the course of this past week. The weather pattern hasn't been in favor of aggressive fish so that has put the damper on most anglers. I would recommend during those times when the bit is very light/weak would be to slow down the troll and to dead stick the jig or very light, off of the bottom jig techniques.

Fishing from shore has also been something that wasn't angler friendly. Most of the time we use a little faster retrieve, however during times of a cold spell like we have been having I would suggest to use more of a soft and slower than normal retrieve. If you are on the east side of the lake I would recommend using some type of bubble to make sure you didn't get hung up in the rocks and then slow the retrieve. This may seem totally not normal and wouldn't work however I would suggest you try it and then let me know if you where able to get more guess is that you will but I cannot guarantee that you will bring the fish into the bank. Typically this time of year I would use sinking minnow lures like crank baits etc or I would make sure to use some bigger (1/2-3/4oz) Kastmaster style spoons. I have also done very well off of Kamloopers, BlueFox spin lures, as well as Krocodiles in various sizes and colors. Stop by and I can show you a huge line of these lures and give more insight if need be. Also Shaylyn is also working for me and is SUPER knowledgeable of not only the Bear Lake fishery but other areas as well. We are here from 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and then 8am-6pm on Friday and Saturdays.

The cutthroats are starting to stage a little more for spawning and some are already starting to go up the creeks to begin that spawn. With that being said make sure that now matter what depths you are fishing in on your boat that you get some side planners and fish the surface as well. The thermacline(a steep temperature gradient in a body of water such as a lake, marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures) is a location where we are always marking fish but the push to the side of your boat when you motor comes rumbling through. If you push your lure our and mark it back 100' behind the planner board and 100' off the side of your boat you will find out that you will find more chances of catching trout. Don't rely totally on your fish finder to mark your fish because those on the top water will not show up on your finder so think outside the box and just be will pay off!

Best places to wet a line from shore is the marina, north end off of the pier and where Mud Lake flows into Bear Lake, Cisco Beach, 2nd and 1st Points. Make sure that while on the east side you use caution to not lose your lures into the rocks. I would suggest a bubble of some sort to help with this probable cause.

I wanted to set up the FISHING DERBY for May 19-20 however I did find out that Flaming Gorge is doing one the following if not the same weekend. I wanted to find out, from you as fisherman, if we pushed it into the first week of June what would be your thoughts on this?

Please TEXT me or email me back and give me some feed back please.

Darin 435-757-9430

April 25th,2017
Derrick Gallegos - 04/25/17

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago. I started off trolling the east side north of Cisco Beach. Then tried Cisco Beach itself. Marked very few fish. Later in the afternoon I moved south of the Rock Pile and started marking tons of fish. We finally got into the natives in 30-35 ft of water about an hour before dark using silver and blue crocodiles trolling from 1.5 to 2 mph. Can't wait to get back next week. Pugmire, let's shoot for the second weekend in May for that derby! I would hate to miss out on that one.