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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet
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Bear Lake Map

April 24th,2017
BRANDT LARSEN - 04/24/17

No matter how many times I fish this lake I always feel like a rookie. One day I will try jigging and that's the ticket. The next weekend I will jig will little success and do better trolling. Some times I do better on the east side and other days I do better on the west. Saturday was just that we did better trolling than jigging on the west side. We caught some Lakers and Cutthroat. I like to be diversified and try many different things to see what's working on that day. Best of luck to you all!

April 21st,2017
Scott - 04/21/17

Anyday you can fish is a great day, bites were few and far between landed 1 small native and 1, 34" 18lb mac, rapala blue silver 2.5 mph 65 feet SE of marina. Lost another big one.

Darin - 04/13/17

Fishing on Bear Lake has been really good over the past week. Yesterday didn't seem as productive for some as was the day before but that plays into affect that the high has now been here for around three days. Typically the best time to fish Bear Lake is when a high pushes the cold out of the system. It seems that when this does happen that the fish are one, more aggressive and two more willing to strike. And I am not saying that this strategy is fallible but if you mark down and you keep records you will notice that that little bit of information could help you immensely while fishing this beautiful body of water.

It seems that the sculpin are still somewhat in, however they are tapering off and should be done possibly even by this weekend. I have seen some anglers in about 30 or 40 foot of water which is good however there are some that are in supertight, and I would suggest to do both during the course of this weekend and upcoming week. The reason for that is because the fish are in feeding off of the sculpin as well as there are some cutthroat trout that are starting to come in looking for areas to spawn and typically that is in shallow water. With that being said, I would make sure you have some side planers. I have some side players that are $18 that do a fabulous job and are very simple to connect and hook up. If you are in need of some stop in and take a look.

It seems that the best fishing hours have been from 9 to 11am as well as 1 to 3pm, at least for those that are trolling. In the early morning from 7 to 9am you need to start doing some vertical jigging because you'll have more success doing that then trolling, at least per statistics.

The locations that I would focus on would be out in front of the marina both north and south. I would also go off of the rock pile in about 65 feet to 75 feet for your cutthroats however you will need to drop out into the 90 foot depth for your lake trout. The east side of the lake should also be good from first point to the aquatics Camp and then I would fish from South Eden to rainbow cove. From North Eden to the ledges which is north and even down towards Indian creek could be also favorable.

Thanks again for everybody's support and for all that you are doing to preserve this fishery. Please continue to do so because we will see an influx of our fishing over the next few years with this high water that is coming in; it does make a huge difference.

I am now open Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM and on Friday and Saturday I'm open from 8 AM to 6 PM. If you need me to be there earlier I will always be glad to meet you there.

Best of luck Fisherman and please look for the fishing derby that I will be putting together, it will be in about a month but the date has not been set yet. I apologize for that but shoot for the second or third week of May to keep it safe I will try to have that together by the middle of next week.

On another side note the water is coming in at about 4000 ft.³ per second! That equals about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches of rise each day. Because of that the ramps; sometimes will not be all the way in the water. The state moves the ramps up horizontally about 4' every Wednesday so it all depends on when you arrive whether the boat docks seem shallow or seen deep. Also they're starting to be large sandbars that are making it difficult for people to launch from 1st point, however please note that because of the army corps of engineers the state cannot go in and push or move those sandbars out of the way. It is mother natures call and so we have to just live with it. If that continues your best success for launching areas will probably be stabilized more by launching at the marina.

Fish on!

The picture I have used are from some lures that will be coming in soon. Great action with great price tag!

SparkPlug Fishing
Ivan Kolesnik - 04/06/17

Today we are going to try the old-fashioned way of fishing on a spark plug.

We've got a spark plug, we've soldered rings to the top and to the bottom of it. A small leader. We'll try to fish perch with that.

The only thing is this tackle should tap the bottom a few times to raise a cloud of suspension. Sand, clay or whatever there is on the bottom. And of course, it's important to avoid snags.

I've made that spark plug work, we're getting a bite, although I can't say all fishermen has something to be proud of.

It works very well on depth, because it goes down very quick, with zero resistance, and in case of snags, you can loose some 150 cm, pull a couple of times, and it releases. Obviously it does not nibble at the spark plug itself, it nibbles at the drakes (one above and one below it). But the tackle does work.

The fish is inactive today, everyone is complaining that they aren't getting a bite, you can see them, no one getting any fish.

Bear Lake Sculpin Are Spawning
Darin Pugmire - 04/05/17

Well the time has finally come the bear lake sculpin have been in for a few days now and you can view there location by watching over the ducks that are along the shoreline diving in feeding off of them. The best time to catch cutthroat trout and lake trout with a flyrod or spin gear from the shore or from a boat casting in the shore is right now! It is important to be able to get out here within the next week because they won't be in very long.

The temperatures on the lake have cool down however they are starting to go up which is the indication of good fishing over the next few days. The storm that comes in over the weekend may put a damper on your fishing but don't let it. The lures, spinners and flies of choice will be anything to replicate those but do not ever put aside anything silver blue silver green or even red and white they are all perfect colors for this time of year

The lake level is coming up dramatically right now at over 4000fps so that could cause some issues on the north end however there are a lot of pelicans down there obviously feeding off of a variety of different fish that are in there. The cutthroat are getting ready to start spawning but we are a little ways off but it is not going to hurt to start fishing for them north of the marina and out past swan creek and then down to Fish Haven creek. Typical patterns will work for you with flashy colors and don't forget if you use side planers on the surface and drop down on the bottom anywhere from 60 to 30 feet that will be your best odds.

I am available any time to stop in and visit with you or to hand you certain gear that will work out here so please send me a text or give me a call and I will gladly come down. My mobile number is

We are open on Fridays and Saturdays and pretty soon we will be open six days a week. Thanks for all you do to help preserve our fishery well on this lake and please continue to do so if we do not do our part we will lose this fishery.

Other areas that are fishing well for like trout will be off of Gus switchpoint off of South Eaton to Cisco beach and off of Spinniker point areas make sure you're out in deeper waters not only on the bottom but also suspend up at the 55 foot Mark as well. Best of luck to everyone and please keep me posted on how you do so I can keep my report up-to-date!

Bear Lake Bombshell
Darin - 03/21/17

Hey guys the fishing on Bear Lake over the past week has been red hot! Most of the anglers that I have spoken too have seen terrific success. Anglers catching 36 one day and 44 on another day out of one boat isn't recorded very often on this lake but these fish that were caught have been a mix of lake trout and cutthroat trout. The fishing depths for these anglers started out the first day in 70' of water and then they had to go out into 80' to get into them the next day out. The speeds where variable between 2.3 and 2.8mph. The lake trout they caught were very healthy and active along with the large cutthroats that they landed as well. This is the time of year for big returns but it all starts by locating the fish so you are able to target something that is ready to feed.

The Rockpile area is fished consecutively and sometimes that is a good spot to catch fish, however don't get hung up there because the fish are migratory and they go to where the feed is plentiful so if you don't see bait fish and trout there is really no need in trying to catch something that isn't there. All areas can return good numbers of trout so don't forget to look out in front of my shop in and around the depths of 60-80' of water. Also look out deep off of Gus Rich Point and Spinnaker Point as well. I haven't heard much remarks about the point on the east side but I think that is because they haven't been fish so I would plan on working the 2nd Point and Scout Camp area headed to South Eden going north. As the water continues to drain in and the water levels go up you will start to find that these east side points, including 1st point should be a place you put in some time to catch the trout.

Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove and South Eden have also been a great spot. Once again look for the fish and the numbers and then look to catch them by whichever means you desire. I still like jigging for them but that is personal preference so do what you enjoy doing and what will catch these targeted big trout and then RELEASE THEM...if we don't do our part in helping to preserve this fishery it will slowly start to slide out from under us.

Anyway I am just starting to get in my fishing lures that I have been looking for. My orders are starting to come in so stop by so I can show you the new items that will help you in hooking into some trophy trout while you are fishing the beautiful and most of the times hard least until you catch onto what it will take to be successful...I will be the one to lend a helping hand.

I am still only here on Fridays and Saturdays but I can meet you down here any other time minus Sundays. Text me on my mobile at 435-757-9430 and we can arrange something for you. I also do orders where I can ship directly to you so just follow up with me and I will help you out however I can.

DWR Report
Scott Tolentino - 03/21/17

UDWR Bear Lake Fishing Report:

Bear Lake is completely free of ice at this time and boat launching is now possible at the Bear Lake State Park marina, 1st Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps. Courtesy docks have been installed at all ramp locations. Water temperature is still right around 32 degrees, so there could be some skim ice forming in the early morning hours, but that melts off when the sun comes up.

Anglers have been doing excellent fishing for Cutthroat Trout and also some Lake Trout. Both jigging and trolling are working well. Use tube jigs tipped with Cisco or Sucker meat if you are jigging and use Rapalas and Flatfish if you are trolling. Good spots have been off the rockpile area and along the shore south of Gus Rich Point as well as 2nd Point. Try trolling or jigging in water from 20’-90’ deep depending on where you are marking fish on your sonar.

Remember the Trout limit is two fish. Cutthroat Trout with a fin clip may be kept; Cutthroat Trout with all fins intact must be immediately released. Large Lake Trout are not very good eating and take a long time to reach large sizes, and while they are legal to keep, many anglers are encouraging other anglers to release them.

Garden City Community Fishery Pond
The pond has open water and light pressure. Fishing should be good for Rainbow Trout using flies, small jigs, or just a worm under a bobber.

Laketown Reservoir
Laketown Reservoir has open water, but access is still restricted due to snow and muddy roads. Fishing should be good for Rainbow and a few Cutthroat trout using small spinners or bait.

Bear Lake Fishing Experiences
Darin Pugmire - 03/09/17

Well the fishing on Bear Lake has been great if you have been able to get out. The winds that have constantly picked up and have pushed anglers off of the lake have not been a great favorable experience. Those that picked the right time have done very well with lake trout as well as cutthroats that have been feeding heavily on those little Bear Lake whitefish. This has made the fishing that more enjoyable because one they are full of bait and two because they are aggressive in feeding. Look for these little whitefish to be on the tail end of their run if not already done for the year.

The lake access is great now because you can launch from all of the launch sites. Rainbow Cove, 1st Point, Marina, and North Beach are all accessible. The North Beach has a ton of water flowing in from Mud Lake and will remain that way for several months to come. Look for the water table to come up to a minimum of 3' below full (5,920) or even at it's full lake capacity of 5,923. This may make it more difficult and nearly impossible to fish off of the North End however remember that our fishery has gone down hill over the past year (2016) and so this will prove to be a huge bump in our fishery over the next 2 years. I don't expect to see it improve from last year but by 2019 you will see a big jump in the numbers of trout as well as whitefish and hopefully even our cisco population going up.

The Rock Pile has had a few fisherman on it but I am not sure about the other side of the lake. I would imagine it has had anglers over there as well because that should be a spot that you do some focusing on. The cutthroat trout are not in the stages of spawning yet but they will start to color up within the next 2 weeks. The few rainbow trout that are still in the lake have started to come up into the inlets like St Charles Creek and Swan Creek and I wish those wonderful fish success in survival and not being taken out by the division or other anglers. If you happen to catch them release them so they don't totally disappear from this lake. Their will come a time when they are eliminated but I hope we can get some changes within our division to bring them back. I was able to get back 10,000 rainbows back in 2009 but I have been told sense that would not happen again. I am looking for a change in this mentality over the course of the next 10-15 years but I am not holding my breath.

This time of year I would focus on the cutthroat trouts in the depths of 40-65'. I would go deep for the lake trout in and around 65-90' of water. Don't hesitate to vertical jig for these fish and do so early in the morning, with daylight savings it would be 7am-9am, then pull out your trolling gear and take that next action.

Best of luck to you all. Please call me or text me or stop by and see what I can do to help you with your fishing experience on Bear Lake and surrounding areas. I appreciate your willingness to come to a small sporting goods store like mine and for allowing me to keep my doors open.

Braved the ice flow and wind!
Marvin spidle - 03/05/17

Braved some ice flow and some wind but caught some nice lake trout on March 4th. Boated 13 fish total. Several small cutts and several small lakers but the 16 pounder and 12 pounder we caught while trolling and the 14 pounder we caught jigging made it worth fighting through the ice and wind

Scott Tolentino - 02/28/17

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bear Lake Fishing Report:

As of Tuesday, 2/28/2017, the lake is still mostly ice covered due to cold weather the last few days. There is no safe ice for ice fishing, nor open water for boat fishing. The Utah State Park has plowed the ramp at the marina and deicers running inside the marina which have thawed the marina, but there is still ice along the shoreline at the ramp which makes launching difficult or impossible. So, there continues to be NO ACCESS for fishing (ice, boat or shore) on Bear Lake at this time. Ice is stacked up, or can be stacked up due to wind, along the east shorelines in several areas and we don’t recommend trying to launch a boat at this time. The next update will be on March 6th.

Once the lake is clear of ice fishing should be good for Cutthroat Trout and Lake Trout by both jigging and trolling. Concentrate your efforts off rockpile, 2nd Point, and the Utah State Park Marina. Best fishing will be with ¾ to 1 ounce tube jigs tipped with Cisco or Sucker meat right on the bottom. If you decide to troll, use minnow-type lures off of downrigger. Fish can be found at any depth at this time of the year

Garden City Community Fishery Pond
The pond is frozen, and several inches of new snow on top of the ice has made it difficult to judge ice thickness. Check ice conditions with a spud bar before venturing onto to the ice. Fishing should be good for Rainbow Trout using small ice flies with a Gulp maggot or wax worm.

Laketown Reservoir
Laketown Reservoir is totally frozen and the only access is by snowmobile, cross country skis or snowshoes. Use small jigs or ice flies tipped with a wax worm or meal worm.