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Temp at Lake Edge: 35.0 °F     Current Wind: SSE at 6.0 mph
Avg. Water Temp: 32.7 °F   Wind Chill Temp: 29.8 °F
Water Level: 5918 feet   Lake Capacity in: 5 feet

Limber Pine Trail


This easy walk winds through forests of fir and aspen to A 2,560 year-old limber pine tree which is the centerpiece of the tour. With a circumference of 25 feet it was thought to be the largest such pine in the world, but was later discovered to be 5 trees grown together. At the top of the mountains just West of Garden City, a nature trail offers a view of the flora and fauna of this area. Numerous signs along the trail provide insight into the local ecology and climate.

Visitors can find the easy one-mile loop trail perfect for families with children. There are 12 numbered education stations, which start on the right side and end on the left side. Guide pamphlets are found in a wooden box at the start. The trail uses a series of switchbacks to navigate minor elevation changes as it passes through the fir and aspen forest and meadows abundant with wildflowers even in high summer. Interpretation sites along the way point out local nature to the hiker. There are fine views of Bear Lake from several points along the trail.

Length: 1.2 mile roundtrip

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 45 minutes

Elevation Change: 180 feet

Starting Elevation: 7,780 feet

Highest Elevation: 7,960 feet

Dogs allowed: Yes

Trailhead Restrooms: No

Mountain biking: Yes

Season: April to October

GPS Coordinates: N 41.925° W 111.472°

Directions from Garden City

Off Hwy 89 about 5 miles Southwest of Garden City at Sunrise Campground.The trail begins at a wayside stop on U. S. Highway 89, and makes a loop around the top of the mountain, ending near where it began.